From air-conditioned vantage points, here are a few things we’ve seen on the street this week:

A very entertaining DART bus… we feel for the poor elephants at the Dallas Zoo. 35 days over 100 so far this summer. Yikes. And we haven’t even said hello to August when the 100s usually start. Record in 1980: 69 days.

A dad including a kid in Handy Man efforts, putting up blinds,

LOTS of hoarding!!

What are you eating Wembley?

A glove.

A glove full of batteries, of course. The perfect spot to hide those triple A’s.

… as are Crocs the perfect spot for markers

and the glasses case for marbles

or rocks and a mini Slinky. I wonder where he stashed the marbles?!

This shocking back cover of People Magazine!

Sitting at the orthodontist’s office, I picked up this magazine to read the cover story. When my sister-in-law called, I closed it, put it in my lap and almost had to get my eyes checked when I saw what was on the back cover. On the back cover!!! At the orthodontist!! Where there are loads of teenage boys filing in and out. A Playboy worthy photo advertising a television show. It’s still making me sick just looking at it.

Do these kids even have a chance when regular magazines offer advertisements like this?! How sad that we have to be on guard at all times. Needless to say, I embarrassed my kids by showing everyone in the office. The audacity of it all.

May somehow the eyes our our little hoarder be guarded against such things. Where did he find that mustache?!

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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