MOAT Marcy sent me this video. Not only is it enjoyable… it’s fun to think about.

In the spirit of the FunTheory, I’ve decided to implement a some strategies in my own life. Here are a few areas that could use some sprucing up.

  • Sitting in the dentist’s office last week, I couldn’t help but notice my toes. My friend Elizabeth informed me that mine have reached the point where I’m not allowed to wear sandals. For a girl who only had her first pedicure within the last decade (what had I been doing??!! for sure not living), I don’t know the in’s and out’s. Hey… who has time to sit in a chair for forty-five minutes, stumbling through awkward conversation as I try to explain my high maintenance toe painting.

“I only want the toes done, please.”

“You whaaa?!”

“Only the toes…. No lotion” (Crazy, but I really don’t like all that “stuff”… I just want my toes trimmed/painted, heals filed and I out of there.)

“No whaaa??!!”

Eye-brows are raised, speedy conversation exchanged in a language foreign to me, fingers are pointed and heads shaken… then the nail technician comes back to me and tolerates my weirdness, “Okay… pick your polish.”

So here’s where the fun should enter. I can’t say having my crown re-adhered to my tooth would rank in my top ten fun things to do, but getting a pedicure while having dental work… now that would get me in for my annual cleaning at a swift click. Why not enjoy a few moments of pampering to get your mind off the squirmy discomfort?

The idea went over like a lead balloon with my dentist. But his staff liked it.

  • Carpool. Aaahhh… carpool. Many a day this activity can rank right there with tooth drilling. Throw in the mind-numbing and forever long school zones, and shoot me now. So… What could make it fun? What could ease the day for us all??! Well, for me… I could use a little competition and reward. Why not line the carpool route with sensors that keep track of on-time arrival and departures, speed limit observance and obedience, friendly waves, even the number of times you let someone break into line ahead of you. Monthly awards (like a girls’ beach weekend, dinner and a movie – including babysitting that ALL the kids adore, a super-cleaing house service that would come in and get the grime out of all those dark, hard to reach areas, …. need we go on?!) should be given out to the top ten finishers. That would make it fun
  • Homework (at least when I get asked to help. They’ve learned that involving me, more often than not, results in a lower grade. Jon encourages me that I “used to be smart”… Hmmm, really??!! Please tell me about those days!). This activity needs to be fun not just for the multi-tasking parent who is juggling end of the day activities plus the dreaded load piled on at school but also for the poor soul upon whom it has been dumped. We need some instant gratification here. Involving food is always a good idea. Maybe homes have something like a time card that gets punched at the end of each task. At the end of the week, the kid (mom or dad) who has racked up the most punches gets a miraculous guilt-free, zero calorie, maybe even aerobically beneficial desert of their choice. Yummy! (Hey – this is supposed to be fun… no one said anything about reality in this fun experiment).

For me? A nice slice of Scottsdale’s favorite girl spot, Arcadia Farms’ Red Velvet Baby Cake.

Here’s one more video to inspire:


Hmmm… I wonder if that might help the trash throwing in my house? No matter, we have a little one going through it and retrieving “treasure”. An alarm might be more up our alley.

Got any fun ideas? Please share them :)

Thanks Marcy for sending the video … and thanks for walking the road with me.

– FunKay

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