Hold one to your hats. Shocker of all shocker – the Wymas are dog owners.

Remember that cute pup we went to see a few weekends ago – the one that we fell in love with, but (being probably the only people that can) we looked at and left. I guess you could call us Look-N-Leavers. After a week of contemplation, our Big Boss gave the green light (or maybe raised a white flag ..I’m hoping the former rather than latter is true) and asked me to call the breeder. We were out of luck. Someone had nabbed that little mellow yellow before us. Super sad, I thought it best to put the whole thing on the back burner.

Until Thursday, when we got an exciting email informing us that Mellow’s contract fell through. I excitedly showed Jon and called to stake a claim. We told the kids and started down the road to find a name.

This is a task we have, more than once, found too daunting to bear. Finding and agreeing on a name presents problems around here. We’ve had a hard enough time when just Jon and I need to agree. Throw in five additional voices and good luck.

To give you insight into our naming challenges, we’ve left the hospital three out five times after giving birth with no name. Yes, you can leave with nothing more than a blank on the birth certificate. Teen Take Out was “Little Guy” for six weeks. Slow Walker – same thing. At least once a week on that kid, the hospital girls  responsible for submitting completed certificates called to check on us. Each time they would offer their vote for his name. “How about Fred? We think Fred is a great name,” they would offer. I would reply with profuse thankfulness and assure them we would call with a name. … It was definitely later rather than sooner.

When I got pregnant with Future Hoarder of America, I laid the law early. “Just so you know, I and NOT leaving the hospital without naming this child. We have to decide BEFORE we go.” I dug in my heals and stuck to my guns, even begged as the months passed. No name. He was born. I had my 2 day vacation at the hospital (hey.. I’m a big believer in the hospital nursery. A room to myself counts as a vacation in my book.) Packing my bag to head home, I reminded Jon (Mr. I can’t commit to a name) of my determination. “It’s not a big deal,” he told me. “We’ll figure it out in time.”

That response was too much for Speed Police who had been enduring question after question about the new Wyma baby’s name. Pulling into the carpool on Friday, she turned to her dad, “His name is Jack. Jack David. That’s what I’m telling people.” What could he do, but concur with that fine name.

Suffice it say that agreeing on a name is a bit of a challenge for us.

For the dog, we started with Isabella – call her Izzy. … No go for our men that don’t want a “girly” name.

Next Dots. This is what the breeder has called her – a simple description of her collar. We could even call her Dottie after our dear neighbor that passed away last year. Even though the kids and I were convinced Dottie would be touched, Jon thought not.

Next they all agreed that we should name her Sadie, the name of our last dog. Sadie 2? Nope. I just couldn’t go the Foreman route. Although, we might have avoided some birth certificate stress by sticking to just one name.

I decided to make a possibility list consisting of Texas towns, famous soccer players, authors and literary characters. I loved ones like Ginger, Duchess, Bronte, Collette and Prudence – no one else did.

I especially liked Pippin (Lord of the Rings)… then Pippa

such a cute name. I’m sure Kate and William would catch wind and invite us across the pond.


Nesta is cool – until a “sounds like tea” comment from the back.

Finney, Lilly, Ribsy, Lola, Olivia, Rosie, Tinker, Chippy, Trigger, Millie. No one could agree.

Until… Stella. Still a bit girly, but Jon felt the name fitting in so many ways.


Seriously, the biggest reason we’ve gotten a dog is for the kids. They have proven themselves incredibly responsible through every step of our equipping experiment. So upon many patient requests, their plate has now been served dog duties. I’m confident they will rise to occasion, if, like everything else, I can keep my hands off! Already, the girls saw some inaugural poop action. Without one word they moved into action and cleaned it as instructed.

Our friend stopped by to say hi to the sweet mellow Stella. We’ll see how our first night goes. It’s already hard to say no to those gentle brown eyes.

To be continued …

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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