Summer is around the corner … and so are jobs.

I’m not really up for the home-made job. We’ve done the car washes, baby-sitting, craft days, etc. All of which, (thanks to a little procrastination, lazy, and better-offer genetic disposition inherited from their mother) my kids punt after a few weeks. Gone are the great ideas. Usher in the whine.

Any job this summer must have them answering to someone other than me.

Couch potato, sibling arguments, and whining are banned. Don’t get me wrong – we adore summer and schedule free life. We yearn for appointment free living (just ask the gals in our orthodontist office who must role their eyes when they see Wyma on the schedule – remember I’m calendar challenged.). But too much of a good thing, especially cramming five young bodies (2 of them seated in the front row of the teen all-about-me train) can get a bit dicey … okay possibly pungent.

So, against my “do-it-themselves” mantra, I have procured employment for them at Youth Believing in Change, an nner city and refugee kids after school center where we tutor at times. Teen Take-Out worked at their summer session a couple years ago and, despite revisionist-history disdain for the job, he flourished. It was great for him in so many ways. The job is twice a week from 7:30 – 2:30 and consists of helping out with all the summer activities. If they don’t want to do this job I have arranged, they have two weeks to find their own employment.

We haven’t yet, but will sit down and discuss monetary goals – the potential Porsche driving Teen needs to be doing some major saving for his expectations to be realized. Any whining, procrastinating, or schluffing and they pay me. If babysitting is the thing, I need to see a schedule and a set list of clients. No need to show dates and times, but the gig has got to be real. One of the kids wants to do a curb addressing thing. Great. All I have to say is, “Show me the money.”

That said, we all know it’s not about the money. It’s about firing up these incredibly gifted and talented kids. Teaching them that not only are they good at things, but they’re great at working. Lest they get accustomed or believe that the world is here to serve them, let’s get this crew out serving others. Getting paid is only part of the reward.

The other day I received an email from a few fourteen year olds who have got it going. Just so you know, they put this together (web site and all) at 13! Don’t underestimate these kids – they’ve got lots of talent waiting to be unleashed on the workforce once equipped and “given” (forced in our house) the chance.

Check this out:

techno-savvy teens and get them tasting the fruit of their labor.

Hello, my name is Sam Royall. I am co-teaching a Camp with my friends Zach Salter and Douglas McClay. This Camp is fun-based, but our main goal is to teach your child the basics of-what many people in our neighborhood and the outside world would dub-‘the greatest game on earth’, Lacrosse. Here we will teach the fundamentals of Attack, Midfielder, and Goalkeeper for the (Going into) 1st-3rd Grade terms and those same positions with Defense and Long Stick Midfielder added for the (Going into) 4th-6th Grade terms. I, myself, will be teaching Defense and Long Stick Midfielder with the (Going into) 4th-6th Graders. I play both positions for the Highland Park 7/8 Team. The dates, equipment needed, and much more is located at our website this is our second year to do the camp and we hope to have a great time with your children and teach them what we know. For any questions you can email me at my email address (*****) and to reserve your spot (deadline of June 1st) email Zach Salter at (*****). The amount is $75 for a 5-day term and your child is more than welcome to do the next one. If your child is not available for the camp or you are not interested please forward this email to everyone you think that would enjoy this camp. 

Thank You

–Sam Royall 

P.S.- There is also a Sign-Up Sheet (w/ money) due one the first day of camp, thanks!

LOVE it! Impressive, huh? If you live in Dallas and have some young-uns interested in lacrosse, email me and I’ll get you their information. Better yet, check out their cool web site.

Here’s a MOAT shout-out to the industrious teen – You Rock! (and so do your folks :)

Thanks for walking the road with me.


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