I’ve heard from a couple of incredibly encouraging folks who asked if I’d post the latest Say Something Show episodes.

Kathleen Fischer, author, registered nurse, certified life-coach, speaker, and a mom and encourager to many parents AND kids, stopped by to share her no-nonsense approach to tough issues that face kids and parents. In this Kitchen Chat, Kathleen tackles the topic of teens, alcohol, parties and parental roles. She touches on great ideas like:

  • teenage drinking “Is it a problem?”
  • teen-brain formation
  • Why are we assuming we have to drink?
  • real-life stories that offer insight and ideas
  • exit strategy – how to recognize the signals and how to leave
  • the idea of a failure resume – we all fail, what can we learn


AND, sweet Thelma Wells dropped by yesterday to share her insight and wisdom on the importance of generational interaction and love.

Thelma Wells, known as “Mama T,” has been featured in D Magazine, Southern Living, The Dallas Business Journal, The Dallas Morning News and many more publications and TV shows including Dr. Phil, The Joanie Show, Life Today and the 700 Club. In 2016, she spoke for Women of Faith on the Final “LOVED” tour — traveling to 22 cities and reaching a half a million women.

NOW…Thelma has launched her “GENERATION LOVE:DIVINE EXPLOSION conference tour – Ahhhh-mazing! Say Something is beyond excited she stopped by to share her wisdom. A few tidbits:

We’re in a season where we’re obsessed with the differences – but here yuo come with the truth that there’s more same-ness than difference.


God gave each of us wisdom (understanding, we need to ask for) to be able to figure things out. The Lord gave each of us intellect to be able to share – each from their own perspective, each from their own history.


We need to look at what’s good in our families – we emphasize too much what’s not.

Our conversation can be accessed below. Please pardon the video difficulties. We had some issues that left us without the main recording – so this conversation is more of a podcast than vodcast. But for those who watch, there are a few fun things peppered throughout, even a fun trailer at the end so you can see Thelma having fun with her daughter Vikki.

Thanks for walking the road with me – even the video road. We’ll see how it goes.

If you’re in Dallas, come see us next week as we welcome author Melanie Dale at Barnes & Noble:


:) Kay

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