It’s hard to know these days what it looks like to honor the Sabbath. What does it mean?

Does it mean –

  • get all your homework done by Saturday so Sunday is free?
  • that Sunday is the Sabbath… or does the day matter?
  • do all the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning during the week so a true day of rest exists?
  • kindly excuse yourself from participating in sports that now lean on Sundays for tournament play – even early Sunday mornings?
  • fit in attendance at a church service that corresponds with your schedule… and you’re good to go?

I don’t know, but I sure struggle with it. Especially as a work-free zone.

Almost every Sunday night the harping begins. “Have you finished your homework? Is ANYTHING due tomorrow??!!” (Questions that have been floating but never answered since Friday afternoon.) I really can’t stand the mad dash. It just doesn’t feel right. But we all enjoy Friday-Saturday break so much, I hate venturing down the homework road as much as my kids. And, if you don’t already know, I have some major procrastination issues. I mean really… why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?! (Forget about the fact that an enormous amount of stress can be alleviated by emptying a full plate.)

So….What does the Sabbath mean?

I’ve thought a lot about it this weekend – away from my family. I both did and didn’t want to leave Dallas (just like I do and don’t want to rest); but I’m so glad I did. The time away has offered something that is impossible to grasp in the moments of hectic life, bustling work… basically being a mom. It has offered perspective. It has given me time.

Time to slow down and to think. Time to evaluate. Time to talk with friends (so nice when it’s a group of almost life-long friends). Time to walk into a store and not be rushed. Time for leisurely meals. Time for absolutely no agenda. Time to slow down and look around and see the beauty that so often evades life as we rush around.

Time to drink in creation. Created by the One who asks us to keep the Sabbath. Take a peek for yourself… new life in the desert.

Beautiful color,

funky shapes,

tiny yellow fragile flowers surrounded by unwelcoming spikes,

honey bees rolling with delight, gathering pollen…

stunning beauty.

Then, I take a minute, while sitting at the desk, to look at the pictures hanging on the wall in front of me (my brothers, sister and I) and consider where we all are now… and how blessed I am. Then laugh at the fact that my sister will look at this pic and be frustrated that one of the frames is hung slightly higher than the others.

Then I think back to my own kids. Like this one who was so enthralled with our shadows at the park last week, that he made me stop and watch him wave. I’m grateful for that kid who makes me slow down to see the shadows … grateful for a weekend that has made me slow down to gain perspective.

Next we enjoy an Arizona sunset. I hope I take the time to do the same at home.

Maybe that’s a big part of the Sabbath.

Slowing down long enough to breath and to get a little perspective.


Thanks for walking the road with me.


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