Pulling out of the drive the other day, I rummaged around for my sunglasses. They were nowhere to be found.

Looking in the rearview mirror, I see a cute little face smiling back at me from his car seat. Then I remember the last time I saw my new total-incredible-find sunglasses. They were on that smiling face. He was running around the back yard thinking he was cool.

“Hey, buddy? Do you remember having my sunglasses?”

“Yes.” he replies.

“Where are they.”


“Where inside?”

“On the couch,” he confidently responds.

I pull back in and mad dash for the couch. I, of course, had timed my departure to the minute in order to grab some carpool kids from school before racing through the rest of my taxi-driver afternoon. So time was not my friend… I needed to be on the road. But, I wanted those glasses. I needed those glasses.

They weren’t on (or in) the couch.

Lifting the cushions revealed one of many secret stashes hidden by our Future Hoarder of America. Lots of stuff. Often organized, sometimes forgotten, the kid’s treasure is EVERYWHERE.

On the brink of taking a trash can to it all, I offered the clean-up job to the kids. One stepped up to the plate and earned every penny of her just reward.


If he wasn’t so darn cute… I just might shoot him. Here he is facing his fear a few days ago, bravely enduring probably his greatest nemesis… the pool.

Not too sure… but putting on a swim-lesson happy face (because he’s just that kind of kid)

He even shot me a thumbs up.

Then he clung to Mr. Austin for dear life!… excited about the trinket prize hiding in that green basket. For lots of kids, it’s the Skittles or M&Ms that entice big kicks and underwater gliding. Mine is jazzed by the chum.

He can add it to this stash

… or maybe it just might make it to his super-special stash – the bed. Yes – like that toilet paper roll. Oh, he shoots for the stars, only treasures the best of the best.

 When I got back in the car after searching for my glasses, I asked him again, in a sing-songy kind of way

“Where are my sunglasses?”

The kid sort of shrugged his shoulders, thought about it and smiled at me. “They’re hiding.”


I’ll just add to the gray hair a few more squint-induced wrinkles. Thanks for walking the road with me.


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