One transformation that appears consistent in sitting U.S. Presidents is hair color.

George H.W. Bush:


Bill Clinton:


Barak Obama:


No words needed to describe the gray action going on with our presidents as they deal with the daily duties of the White House. The Office might have some perks, but there is no denying the stress.

I couldn’t help but think about these men as I noticed something new on my own temples of late. Sorry I don’t have snazzy before and after pics, but suffice it say – those wiry gray numbers are making a home on my head. What’s happening??!!

Alright, so I’m no spring chicken, but still … why now?  Is it a coincidence? Can I ignore the fact that abundant gray wisps just happened to start showing themselves about the same time my kids began the teen trek?! Hmmm…

It seems to me that just as each man who embarked on their own uncharted territory in leading the free world involuntarily revealed job stress by sporting a gray mane… so goes the steps of a mom raising teens.

I mean really … does the pressure of balancing the U.S. budget and dealing with the unimaginable $1.4 trillion deficit hold a candle to our efforts to inspire the disinterested … to weather the eye-rolls, the sighs, the back talk … to maintain composure in the midst of worry and concern (sometimes anger and frustration)? I think not.

We may not be leading the charge in defending liberty across the world, but we have quite the mission in preparing these young ones to do just that.

So here’s to doing it together … and to a few gray hairs. Would you mind passing me a box of Clairol on your way out?

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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