Since our trip to Colorado and eventful dog-sitting adventure, Jon’s mind is set more than ever on avoiding the mess associated with a dog.  I can’t seem to convince him that the good outweighs the bad. My brother’s dog didn’t help.  Despite those big pools of brown eyes welcoming us each morning, pools of brown something else on the rug made a bigger impression.

So, Jack will continue to be the girl’s pet until something (not someone!) else joins the family.  Poor thing.  He endured an onslaught of creativity the other day as they put their design skills to work.

It started with the clothes.

A blue blazer, long-sleeve button down and Slow Walker’s school tie.

No need to mention IT’S 105 DEGREES here!

Next came the hair.

Nice comb-over.

I don’t think so.

Not sure what they called this style.

The slick-back, wind-blown look

(notice the porcupine feature on the left side of his head)

… not happening.

This lovely pure slick-back won.

Let’s get him to play businessman.

Diligently working on contracts

and signing autographs.

“PLEASE Daddy … Get us a dog!

You might be worried about checking in your man-card by getting us a cute little indoor dog…

Mine is being ripped from me every day we wait.”

Thanks for walking the road with me :)


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