I forgot to let you all know that our friend Chuck Bentley is highlighting our MOAT efforts on his radio program today.  Here’s a link to Crown to find the program (station & time) in your area:  Money Life Radio, or you can podcast by linking to Crown Financial Ministries.

I have the same amount of excitement and dread about it airing.  The former in hopes that more families join our efforts to move these kids from being entitled to enabled.  The latter due to the major distractions while Chuck & I were recording.  Nothing like demanding kids in the background to distract you.  Hmmm, maybe next time I’ll fire up our “Bored Chores” to hold their attention.

Thanks for walking the road with me!

Tune in tomorrow for Ruth’s blog on “The Benefits of the Evening Meal”.  Ruth always packs an insightful punch.

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