TODAYLogoFirst things first … I have been completely missing in action and I apologize. We moved (okay, still moving) last week. I can’t imaging why it has consumed my life the last 10 days, but I feel like I’ve been running in quick sand. Maybe it had something to do with our kids getting out of school.

For those of you in the throws of end of the year stuff, you know what I’m sayin’. My goodness, back and forth and back and forth to school, to home, to Office Depot for some last minute project, to Michaels for costume design (why does end of the school year seem to always require themed garb?!), to Lowes, to Walmart, to Sam’s … need I go on. My candle has been seriously burning at both ends. So the cyber world got back burnered. … It didn’t help that Jon was out of town.

But everything is getting back to normal – and our new digs are oh so wonderful.

“Moving?! What? When did that happen?” you might ask. Well, we’ve been living in temporary digs – with my folks (my amazing folks – because who welcomes seven people into their home!!) for the last five months. We had a crazy turn of events around October when someone wanted to buy our house and the neighbors right behind us wanted to sell. So we did it. Only our buy needed a little sprucing. Which meant doing something Jon and I said we would never do, remodel a home.

Let’s just say, we’re not very good in the decision making category. We’ve left the hospital three out of five times with our babies un-named. (Yes, you can do that.) Two of them were nameless for around 6 weeks. Jack was named by Snopes who was so tired of people asking what we had decided to name him that she took it upon herself while sitting in the carpool line waiting to get dropped off. “Dad, His name is Jack. Jack David. I’m going to tell everyone at school today. Is that okay?” To which he replied “Sure” … and there you have it.

Thankfully, we had a terrific contractor who made sure we only had two or three choices on anything. And mostly she made decisions. Quick decisions. Which is important, too. Remember … my procrastination issues? Apparently Jon has them, too.

It’s all wonderful. Almost all the boxes are moved. We only have a few rooms to still unload. Everyone loves their space. Jon & I are back to a bathroom by ourselves. (Let’s just say, sharing a bathroom with teen & tween girls can be a bit dicey. So thankful for whoever invented locks :)

We’ve learned some things and had such fun surprises. Like who knew we would ever get the chance to spend such wonderful time with my folks. I told the kids to relish every minute. Of course we had moments. How could we not. But what a treasure for all of us, while everyone is still with it, to get undiluted time together. We’ll never forget it. And are humbly grateful for their generosity in every way.

And while unpacking our things that have been in storage, I’ve been surprised at all the stuff we don’t need. What a wonderful time to give away the clothes and toys that other people need more than we do. Why I’ve saved these things (thinking our grandkids might like the stuff someday – long in the future!) I do not know.

I’ve also been surprised out of my socks. Like when I walked into my bathroom

One Directionto see this guy in my shower. Scared the living daylights out of me.

He was around every corner. My word! Let’s just say … what goes around comes around. A certain someone just might get a little surprise of her own some day (or night!) soon. Just sayin’!

Surprises – and memories of my little Future Hoarder of America, who isn’t so hoard-y anymore, were discovered along the way. Like…


a brand new binder tucked away in a box. I was so excited that I might be ahead of the game – ready to meet a kid’s school supply need next year. Then I opened it. Yes … those are pecans. Who knows how long those have been in there! Thankfully — no bugs.

Then, as if on cue, I open another box to discover one of Barton’s school projects from a year gone by.


I allowed myself a moment to remember her making it. And how sweet she was when she gave it to me for Mother’s Day. I might have wiped a tear from my eye. Because I’m apparently super sappy – feeling like time with these kids is racing away. Then I started to wipe off the dust , and opened the lid to find …


Orbit Bubble Mint … saved for a rainy day.

So funny. I miss finding my little hoarder’s surprises.

But the biggest surprise and WOW was yesterday morning. I knew it might happen, but wasn’t sure. Still, the text I received late Monday night gave us reason to hope for something super fun. “Your TODAY show segment might air tomorrow morning.” Which it did. And in the 8:15 slot to boot. Crazy!

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.46.37 AM

There’s my sweet Snopes on the right. And I LOVE what she said in the segment … (you can also click on the pic above to see our fam on TODAY.)  Check it out!

I’m humbled to be walking the road with you guys. And I’m SO excited that families everywhere are tasting the sweet reward of bucking societal trends and loading up kids with responsibilities. Moving away from grooming kids to expect things to be done for them. Moving toward equipping them to do so much more than they (or we) ever thought they could. What a treat to watch independence and confidence grow (in the midst of whining… because somehow that can’t seem to get off the train.) Who knows what to what heights these kids will soar.

Anyway – as always, thanks for walking the road with me.


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