I thought I’d share some of our week’s highs with you.

The first was for Jack. My little FHA (Future Hoarder of America) gathered and hid many, many treasures. He was in heaven when I sent him to the back room bathroom. Gone a little longer than most potty breaks might require (a possible red flag to most attentive mothers), the kid resurfaced grinning from ear to ear. Thrilled at his new stash, he walked through the living room proudly displaying his stuff on the was to hide the valuables.

Good thing we were watching.

Jack had found Grandpa’s medicine tucked safely away in his bag. To Jack, the bottles were perfect shaking musical instruments. To Grandpa, a necessity to maintain blood pressure and to ward off the aches of age. It took a while to to convince Mr. Sticky Fingers that these were Grandpa’s important bottles and not a treasure to hide. Thank goodness for childproof locks. Could have been a looooong week for our man without his meds. At least I know where the kid hides his stuff.

Next high? Our new yard!!

The rocks are gone… the grass is in!

Give it a week or two and we’ll put up our net.

Code Name Volley Ball … Success.

So happy :)
Our last high involves pant legs. We’ve tasted a few seasonal change trials this week. One of them being clothes that are too small. I never remember to plan ahead. Before I know it, the weather has changed and I see my oldest kids walking out of our house in jeans, prepared for heavy rains (and flooding!) I used to drive my sister-in-law crazy with my lack of attention to geek producing clothing choices. If it fit around the middle, I didn’t care much about the flooding issue. She even went so far as to buy one of my kids some pants.

Our weather hasn’t changed, but my older kids needed to wear jeans this week for something at school. For TTO, not only has he grown taller since last jean-season, he’s also shrunk around the middle. Seems to me, kids grow out then up. This summer was up for him. Poor thing was sporting some falling down high-waters.

“Mom. My pants!”
“Hmmm. Those are falling off a bit.”
“Well, I need a new pair. Find them.” (He think he funny.)
No need to mention it was 7:25 and the car was leaving at 7:30 for school.
“First of all, I’m not your ‘Find them’ person. Second, where do you think I’m going to get jeans for you in the next five minutes.”
“If I were you, I’d get a belt.”
“A belt with jeans … that’s totally geeky!”
“Then hold them up yourself. They aren’t that bad.”
“Ughhhh. Where’s my belt?”
“How do I know?” Why do they always think we know where all their possessions are at any moment of the day?!
“Fine … I’ll find my belt.  … Why do I have to do everything?!!” He sighed as he walked away to retrieve his belt.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I think they actually feel that way. Little do they know!

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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