A Wednesday is a Wednesday is a Wednesday….

1:17 p.m. I get in my car and head over to my folks for Super Shuttle duty. I’m the preferred chauffeur for their airport runs. They enjoy the smoke-free (and today, thanks to the girls, trash –free) environment of our Sequoia, free reign on radio stations, and passenger veto power. I learned a few years ago, the best approach is to ask Dad his preferred route for the day (down to right or left out the drive) then proceed. …Plus, they kind of like the driver.

As we waited in the driveway for Dad to get in the car, Mom started laughing at the thought of Slow Walker, especially as I re-enacted the ridiculous action for her. We then commented about Slow Walker’s grandfather, who was taking his own sweet time (maybe its hereditary). Car loaded and ready to go, I run back into the house to find him cleaning the frig. What in the world?!! Nothing like picking the right time for household chores. Apparently, he thought one of the drawers looked dirty and needed prompt attention.

1:48 p.m. We leave the folks’ house for DFW. Tick-Tock, I had to get on the road so I could make it to carpool in time.
2:20 p.m. We pull up, drop the bags off and say good-by. Out of the blue an old college friend walks by. “Kay.” … “Kay! …Hey. It’s David Seibert.” Our old friend David who is equally as surprised to see my folks. They get the luxury of catching up, but I have to haul in order to grab the kids.

2:35 p.m. I get to school in time to be at the front of the second line. I even get a few things done while waiting for the kids to get in the car.

2:50 p.m. I pull away from school with the girls and race to drop them off so I can pick up the teen from his school.3:15 p.m. I busted my tail to get to the teen’s school so I could sit and wait for him to do whatever. I learned about a month ago to never send in a sister to get him (“humiliating” I think was the word) and he sure doesn’t want his mother coming in. Text: “We’re here.” no response …. Text: “Where are you?!!” no response …. Text: “I have things to do!!!” (I’m officially getting sick of the car.)

3:30 p.m. Finally, he comes out of the school. We leave and head back to the other school where I forgot drop off a check and form that was due today (story of my life!)

3:50 p.m. We pull away from I Heart Yogurt & Qdoba where a push-over mom gave into hunger demands.4::10 p.m. We finally get home.

Almost THREE HOURS in the car!!
My mind briefly entertains all the great places I could have gone on a 3-hour road trip. Hyatt Hill Country. Fredericksburg. I could have hopped a Southwest flight to Sante Fe. Not to mention, a road-trip would have been that nice kind of mindless driving instead of stopping, starting, school-zones, etc.

No. Don’t go there. Car-time is part of the deal. At least I’m home.“Mom?”
“Can we go to Stride Right?”

Ugh! I totally forgot about the new school shoes I promised 2 weeks ago. The current pair is so torn up inside, you can actually see the floor through the heel! Plus, the grocery store cannot be ignored another day.

4:20 Back in car. Finally home at 6. I know you feel my pain.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

MOAT Idea of the Day
One mom, instead of the dough jar for what she considers regular household chores (like the bed, bathroom, etc.), doesn’t take away a dollar for an unmade bed, but sends her crew outside to clear crab-grass … by the root!

Also, check out this sweet video that Joe White forwarded to encourage moms … and have a GREAT day! (you’ll have to paste the youtube link … I’m not so technically savvy to know how to do it here.)

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