Table Talk: Real Labor by Marci Seither

images-2 One of the of the most fun things about having a blog is meeting some amazing people who have lots of great advice and insight – then inviting them to guest blog. I was introduced to Marci Seither by Rachel McPherson who is helping Marci get the word out on her new book, Empty Nest. Wow am I grateful. As a mother of six and seeker of Truth – as well as the humor in life – Marci has great words of wisdom and encouragement to offer. Feel free to check out Marci’s blog for more fun stuff. I think you will be glad you did. Listen, she had me at “Student Driver”! Thanks so much for sharing, Marci … best of luck on your book.  And, as always, thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay I think parents should take a Lamaze refresher course when their teenager gets a driver’s permit. We have been down this bumpy

I’m Just a Person …

notting_hill1240198961 I’ve been a tiny bit under the weather of late. See Also: no posts, no social media, lots of feeling cruddy. A virus funk that had the makings of Swine flu nailed me, then decided to give the gift that keeps on giving – Shingles. Who knew the fun?! (Not.) I rarely get sick. And getting sick as a mom – well, it’s not like the days BK (Before Kids) when you could exit life and snuggle into bed with a remote control close by and ample opportunity for silence when desired. Any bed snuggling these days or quiet is almost non-existent. Just stealing away is a feat in and of itself. But I tried. The sneaking off to my room was always interrupted with drink requests, referee appeals, solution requirements, so many things. Then the kids, at least my few that are still in the young category, couldn’t stop themselves from

Table Talk – Happy

Happiness rocks. And there’s a song rocking it around the globe, making people smile. I love it … and so does it’s writer. Here are a couple reasons why 1) Pharrell Williams has touched on part of the secret to real success – genuine, humble gratitude as you live out your purpose in life – because we don’t walk it alone and we didn’t gift the talent. Something about his song seems to cut to our core and it lands everyone who hears it happy. People everywhere. On CBS Sunday Morning, Mr. Williams, shared his gratitude for all his road-pavers (his band teachers, his fans, the radio stations that play his music, … his mistakes) that helped a hardworking young man who didn’t know he had talent, learn music and hit the heights. And he leaves and interviewer baffled at his gratefulness.

I feel the need, the need for … SLOW

tortoise-and-hare-bugs-learns-a-lesson One of my kids told me the other night, in a moment of raw authenticity, “I just want to know what I’m good at and do it.” The kid was longing to land. The kid was already tired of the race. Tired of the race that seems endless, getting him nowhere but to places that require him to do more – and more – and more, just to keep up. A teenager, worn out. Saying out loud words I sometimes feel … Don’t we all feel? The bars for which we are encouraged to reach seem to move just about the time we get there. The kid longed out loud for the wheels to stop spinning and to land on solid ground. Having been born in a day and age where acting/doing/being can be done 24/7 and seen 24/7 – be it on youtube, instagram, Twitter, Facebook, xBox, Playstation, the slightly suspect snapchat and more – it’s highly likely that very few days in
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