The Second Greatest Gift

gift of time I was moved this morning by a Facebook post from my cyber friend Jodi: Tonight after little bro went to bed, Mary and I sat down to craft. We made these paper cones which we have no plan for. I had other things I could be doing. The point is this: in that hour and a half, with nothing to do but measure, cut and glue, she poured out all that is on her little ten-year-old heart to me. It was time that I long for on a daily basis with her in our daily rushing from here to there. The true gift of Christmas is TIME. I pray you also find time with your blessings this season! Then Jodi’s response to comments on how touching her post was: The older I get, the more I “get it.” It’s really not the gifts under the tree. They’re fun, but what they’ll remember is the time we spent with them. and… She even thanked me for listening

Table Talk: Broken Christmas by Elisa Morgan

Beauty of Broken Today’s Table Talk is by my friend Elisa Morgan. What a treat and an honor to have her share with us from her heart. She has written a new book that not only is a pleasure to read, but also brings out in the open issues/hurt that so often people try to hide and avoid especially during seasons of great of intensity – the holidays. If you fall in this camp, take heart, be encouraged. May Elisa’s words offer a soothing path to Hope. If you don’t fall in this camp, someone sitting next to you does. Here’s to walking the road and encouraging each other, authentically, along the way Thanks for sharing, Elisa! .. and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Most of us don’t want to talk about the not-so-pretty stuff of life. We’d rather focus on loveliness. Hued sunsets. Tinted leaves. Indigo skies. Golden grass.

Required Field Revelations

FT - Position It’s Day 4 of Ice on the ground here in Dallas. Schools are closed. The kids are still asleep. Even the youngest, who awoke on Day 1 way before anyone else, has given in to hibernation. And, what’s a mom to do with all the peace and quiet? Clean the house? Finish the Christmas cards? Get “stuff” done? No … Of course not. “Quiet” signals prime to time waste time on the internet. So much fun. I’m getting caught up on all my friends have been doing. I got to see Jennifer, who writes beautiful books about the White House, and her kids playing with the First Dogs. I learned a thing or two from articles shared by friends. I especially enjoyed this one posted by my friend Amy. I might have partaken in a deal or two getting ready for Christmas, like purchasing these monogrammed playing cards. And I

Letting Greatness Blossom

Mandela quote As a mom, it can be hard to remember who you were before the invasion of little people. You know, when you could think complete thoughts. When you could sleep through the night, go to a movie on a whim, stop on the song that you like. The days when you got stuff done. Jon Yesterday: “How was your day?” Me: “Fine.” Jon: “What did you do?” Me: “Umm….” thinking, thinking, thinking. “Something.” Because multiple hours did pass. And I was in the car a lot. I had to have done something. I got everyone where they needed to be, drove a field trip, went to three different stores so we could weather the brutal storm headed our way, came home and put everything away, … I even got up at 5 am. But did I do anything? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. In the midst of one of my
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