So Life Will Go Well With You

boundaries “Smell my hand…” Never a good idea when offered by a boy. But I did … hesitantly. “Oh my word!” I reeled back, wishing I could un-smell whatever I had just smelled. “Ohhhhhh… sick!… Ohhhhh-ewww!!!” Muffled laughter preceded an, “I know. It’s gross, isn’t it.” “Yes it’s gross!! What is that?” “I don’t know..” He had been playing outside. It could have been anything – a dirty dog, worms or worse.  Quite frankly, I didn’t want to go there. “Well, you can get right up and go wash your hands.” And, without so much as a peep, he hopped up from the couch, went to the bathroom, washed his hands, then came and sat beside me again. “Now smell it,” he offered. Which again, I did. This time freely, without worry or concern that something horrible would greet me. I was wrong. For

The Land of Oblivian and “Extra Shoes”

saddle+shoes During yesterday’s breakfast rush, one of mine sat down to scarf waffles before racing to the car so we could be on time to school. We actually left the house last week without one of the slower school-goers. I wonder if they will ever learn that I actually mean it when I say (yell): “WE’RE LEAVING WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!!” “Do we have an extra pair of shoes?” she asked between scarfing bites. “Do I have an extra pair of shoes? What?” I ask while wetting/brushing her brother’s stubborn wayward hair. “Yeah … you know, shoes? En extra pair?” I didn’t have time to decipher cryptic, so I asked again, “Are you talking school shoes? What kind of shoes?” “Yeah,” she threw in a little non-chalant groove, “school shoes. Just

In the Name of Love

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.46.42 AM I don’t know about you, but I never knew I could love anything like I love my kids. Each one. The other day Jack asked me if I loved Fury or him more. This was after he snuggled into me and whispered a hushed confession, “I love you more than Dad.” It was as if a burdene had been lifted off his guilt-ridden soul. It’s not right to love someone more. “You’re so warm,” he continued, “and squishy.” Okay, so – I could have lived without the last bit. But, he was talking about how he relishes scooching close and burying his feet under my legs. So what if I’m a bit squishier than his fit father … it’s on my list of follow-through’s. I laughed and hugged him. He loves his dad. But somewhere along the way he has equated certain things that I do as signifying more

Heart-Shaped Intentions

heart tree Still bumbling along my new road of follow-through rather good-intentions. It hasn’t been pretty, but I have taken steps. Teeny-tiny, sometimes microscopic, baby steps. But steps, nonetheless. This morning, getting past the many months of good intentions to go the dentist for a cleaning, I made an appointment … and went. Is it necessary to admit that Petra, our dentist’s office manager, might have heard that we were next door at the neighboring orthodontist and that she actually got up, left her desk, came to the other office, and took me by the hand (literally) to make my appointment? Nahhh… at least I went. And, in the process, I decided to knock off my list another one of my ever-present, or should I say “slowly disappearing,” good intentions. I have the best intentions to exercise every
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