Tuesday’s Tasty Tips by Jane Jarrell

Today’s Tasty Tips sure hit home with me. Just last week, I was reading a copy of Real Simple and considering using some of their bark recipes for neighbor gifts. A few of them looked a bit hard, so I decided to take a different route until today.  Jane’s ideas are so fun and look super easy. We’ll definitely be trying them over here in the Wyma house. I’ll make sure to take a few pics and report back. If you’re my nieghbor, you just might get to try them first-hand. (Made by a kid, or course :) Thanks so much for sharing these, Jane! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Spark the Bark Tired of Fudge?  Bark is the gift of the season, in catalogs and stores. But you can make your own in five simple steps: melt, mix, slather, chill and break. We’ve created six bark recipes to get you

Teen Strategery

We share the Thanksgiving holiday with the entire Wills family. This year has been no different. Except for one major thing… we’re missing a few family members. Our patriarch, my dad, needed a knee replacement just a few short weeks ago. Needless to say, navigating the airport and airplane aisles was not on his top ten list of ways to celebrate Turkey Day. So they stayed home. When my sister and her husband heard that Mom and Dad weren’t coming, they opted for a more “quiet” holiday. Rather than sharing a house with 21 people, 15 under the age of 17, they opted to carve a bird at their lovely Arlington, Virginia home. Alone. In peace and quiet. Sans chaos. We aren’t taking it personally. Within our group of 17 kids, we have several teens. Suffice it to say, they have been a blast to be with. They’ve

Thanksgiving Remembered

I know I’ve already posted a guest blog this week, but I just can’t help but share the email I received from MOAT friend Ruth Meek today. You know I love sharing tidbits on which our country was founded. So, for those that might not know, or for some of us who might have forgotten … here’s how and upon whom our Thanksgiving holiday was founded.  Thanks Ruth! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Let’s remember that the purpose of our special American holiday is to be thankful, not just full! Below is a copy of Lincloln’s Proclamation.  It was written while there were still two years remaining in the civil war.  I believe it is worth reading to your families, even with the halting, old language.  The striking similarites and differences in our country’s

Table Talk – Parenting Teen Job Description by Kathleen Fischer

Our Job as the Parents of Teens When our kid is furious with us for actually calling that other parent to see if they’ll be at         home for the party at their place on Friday night. . . When we are stunned to see the conversation our child has on her text messages. . . When he swears under his breath as he walks away from us, or she rolls her eyes in disgust at our suggestion, deep in our hearts, we wonder, where did they get          that sense of entitlement? It’s a good time to remember . . . The three primary jobs of the parent of teens are: Bringing them safely across the finish line; Developing in them a sense of decency; Getting out of their lives. When we keep these jobs in mind, many answers to day-to-day hassles are clearer. For example,
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