If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

In August our family escaped the heat and ran for the hills (ok, mountains) in Colorado. Aaahhh… such a fun time, We even enjoyed getting a little dog action while we cared for my brother’s pet. While we were there, I did my motherly duty – capitalized on any opportunity to kill a few birds with one stone. When tooling around, having fun in Vail, I b-lined for a rack of men’s shirts, jackets, sweaters and grabbed an all-black zip-up. Perfect for Teen Take-Out and his school’s requirement for a solid black over-garment. “Mom… That’s looks like a girl’s sweater,” TTO protested.“What are you talking about?! Look. It’s clearly on the Men’s rack. There are no women’s clothes at all. … Just try it on.”“Mom…”“TRY

Table Talk – Redeeming Christmas by Ruth Meek

Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Ruth. For years she has spoken to countless groups on “Redeeming Christmas”. In fact, this is how I met Ruth. When TTO was a baby, I had the privilege of serving on the leadership of our MOPs group. It was my responsibility to procure the speakers. She was a must … and blessed our group greatly. Since then I’ve wrangled her into several things, including being a part of our Ironing Board here at the MOAT.  December is our month for “Service”. Each day we’re trying to find ways to get our minds off ourselves and on to others. We’ll range from simple ways to serve each other in our own home (probably the most challenging) to sharing ways we’ve found to serve through local organizations/opportunities. PLUS … we’ve got

Fender Bendin’ Day

“Kay? It’s K.B. I was just driving down University. Someone that looks just like you was sitting next to a couple of wrecked cars. Is that you? Can I help??” Yes, that was me. A super nice guy, Eugene, inadvertently looked up from driving and rear ended me. I, in turn, rear ended Damon (an Eco-Safe Pest Control guy). Eugene’s car was totaled. Damon & I experienced only minor dents. This all came after one of those less than stellar days sporting more than just this wreck. It all started with a rather early morning and less than stellar ride to school. I had arranged a tutorial for TTO without telling him anything about it. So, in order to hit home his disgust, he moved like molasses… at a pace that might challenge his Slow Walker brother.  We needed to leave by 7:15 to arrive on time. We left

Tuesday’s Tasty Tips by Jane Jarrell

Today’s Tasty Tips sure hit home with me. Just last week, I was reading a copy of Real Simple and considering using some of their bark recipes for neighbor gifts. A few of them looked a bit hard, so I decided to take a different route until today.  Jane’s ideas are so fun and look super easy. We’ll definitely be trying them over here in the Wyma house. I’ll make sure to take a few pics and report back. If you’re my nieghbor, you just might get to try them first-hand. (Made by a kid, or course :) Thanks so much for sharing these, Jane! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Spark the Bark Tired of Fudge?  Bark is the gift of the season, in catalogs and stores. But you can make your own in five simple steps: melt, mix, slather, chill and break. We’ve created six bark recipes to get you
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