Tuesday’s Tasty Tips by Jane Jarrell

Spice Kids   Today Jane has a real treat in store for us… okay lots of treats. All variations of one sugar cookie recipe. What could be easier … or more delicious. Just be warned – it involves butter and sugar. But many of the renditions include fruit. That’s enough for me! … And just in time to get us thinking about the holidays that are right around the corner.  How much fun to consider getting the kids baking – then graciously sharing their creation with neighbors, the mailman, grocery clerk… the list goes on. We just might make this a key part of our “Service Month” in December. Will keep you posted. Until then… Thanks, Jane! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Design Your Own—Cookies By Jane Jarrell My Mom, Dallas, resident, Sarah Cabaniss, was

Open Door

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 10.03.21 PM I’ve noticed that my younger children have bought into our empowerment experiment a bit more voraciously than my older 2. They tend to meet our tasks fairly head on with out a lot of lip, sarcastic come-backs or the all too familiar tween/teen sigh-rolls (you know the ones … the pronounced, yet understated eye-roll punctuated with an audible air exhalation). I’m sure the younger ones will hone their skills in this area, but until that day, I’m going to do everything possible to solidify this work thing. I’ve also noticed that about the time hormones fire up, around 6th-7th grade, the open door communication policy (where questions and conversation are welcomed and returned) has been locked. Somewhere along the line, the kids rifled through my parenting purse and stole my keys. Or maybe they took

“Why do I have to do everything?!…”

How-not-to-do-everything-with-Laura-Roeder-Suitcase-Entrepreneur-podcast I thought I’d share some of our week’s highs with you. The first was for Jack. My little FHA (Future Hoarder of America) gathered and hid many, many treasures. He was in heaven when I sent him to the back room bathroom. Gone a little longer than most potty breaks might require (a possible red flag to most attentive mothers), the kid resurfaced grinning from ear to ear. Thrilled at his new stash, he walked through the living room proudly displaying his stuff on the was to hide the valuables. Good thing we were watching. Jack had found Grandpa’s medicine tucked safely away in his bag. To Jack, the bottles were perfect shaking musical instruments. To Grandpa, a necessity to maintain blood pressure and to ward off the aches of age. It took a while to to convince Mr. Sticky Fingers that these were Grandpa’s important

New Tricks…

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 10.13.57 PM Every couple months, we get the amazing joy and privilege of having Jon’s dad, Dick, come visit. To say he blesses us in an understatement. He’s in an interesting spot in life. After acting as Field Chairman for New Tribes Mission in Bolivia for a few decades, he was recruited for a new position about 10 years ago. Recruited might not be the best description … the guy was drafted. The job? Caregiver. His sweet wife of 50 years had become one of the many causalties of  the disabling disease, Altzheimer’s. The need for care forced them from their home in South America to assisted living (at least for her) in the United States. If you haven’t had any experience with this disease, it offers a tough road of extensive forgetfulness to disabling fear, depression, anger … pick your poison. I had the
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