November = Errands

“Just so you know, November is our month for errands.” I informed the kids last week. “Whaaattt?!!!”, “No fair!”, “Maawwhhmm please no.” As usual, I do what I’ve become so accustomed to doing these past few months, I completely ignore the pathetic pleadings from my independence-budding brood. Then I pull up to the gas station. Teen Take-Out, who is in a hurry to pick up his friend for a movie scheduled to begin within minutes, groans as if he knows the next words about to come out of my mouth. He was probably right to moan. Glad I wasn’t in the same boat as the time I kicked the kid out of the car for his inaugural gas pump (see “Huh” post on April 13), I stop the car with an, “Okay. Jump out and start pumping.” “Mom – We’re going

You Know You’re Raising a Hoarder When… (Part 2 :)

You know you might be raising a hoarder when… You hear a sweet, almost giddy, little voice behind you say, “Can I look at those?” And when you turn around you see the clementines you just purchased out of the bowl and on the table perfectly alined in a row. The eager little organizer (at least I think he thinks that’s what he’s doing) asks in a hopeful plea, “Can I take them to the couch?!” Only to receive a definitive, “NO!” You realize a look in the couch might be a good idea, only to find evidence of hidden treasure. Hidden Treasure “What is that glob of purple?” you might ask. Well, unwrapped (but not chewed) gum pushed into and under the cushions, of course. You look down at you child in the doctor’s waiting room to see him faithfully sporting his roll of duck

Tuesday’s Tasty Tips by Jane Jarrell

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 10.28.18 AM It’s Tuesday! Today’s Tasty Tips from Jane are centered around one of the Wyma’s favorite things in life – chocolate. I won’t tell you that Future Hoarder of America has chocolate chips every morning with his waffle. Or that yesterday, I caved to his plea for “big ones” (since the mini-chips I had didn’t suit his fancy) by loading up and heading to Tom Thumb for the 3rd time in 45 minutes. Dominique, the check out guy, has stopped trying to stifle his laugh as he sees me again and again gracing his line. “Have you considered a list, Mrs. Wyma?” … That’s what Jon asks me every day.  Ummm… but chocolate makes everything better. Thanks so much for taking us down this road full of yummy treats, Jane. Next week, she’s sharing some “Fakin’

Just a Swingin’

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 10.30.00 AM Ahhhh the mood. We don’t much need rings around here to glow blue or green giving cue to stressed, cool,  nervous, very happy or normal. … And how does someone define “normal” for a tween/teen? Considering the age, normal could have a lot of ranges and we’re swinging back and forth between it all. “Good Morning.” Mom coos as she wakes her slumbering teen girl. “Hi Mom.” smiles the sweet child, reminding her mother of all the wonderful greetings received only a few short years earlier from her sensitive, loving child. Only minutes later, the child makes her way downstairs to join the others for breakfast. “How did you sleep?” greets the unassuming mother as she selflessly labors over the toaster, creating a veritable feast from Eggo waffles. Glare. No response.
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