You know you might be raising a hoarder when…

You hear a sweet, almost giddy, little voice behind you say, “Can I look at those?” And when you turn around you see


the clementines you just purchased out of the bowl and on the table

Clementines all in a line

perfectly alined in a row. The eager little organizer (at least I think he thinks that’s what he’s doing) asks in a hopeful plea, “Can I take them to the couch?!”

Only to receive a definitive, “NO!”

You realize a look in the couch might be a good idea, only to find
evidence of hidden treasure

evidence of hidden treasure.

What's that glob of purple?

Hidden Treasure

“What is that glob of purple?” you might ask.

Well, unwrapped (but not chewed) gum pushed into and under the cushions, of course.

You look down at you child in the doctor’s waiting room to see him

the roll of duct tape

faithfully sporting his roll of duck tape.

So what if he hid his other shoe in a super secret unfindable spot, but thank goodness we have the duck tape.  You never know when you might need a

so many uses

specialized telescope, megaphone, frame, or…

the options really are endless. Hey – It’s duck tape!

You look down to see the very scary site of

a toddler with food coloring...

a toddler with food coloring.

One good thing about hoarders… they like to hang on to their stash. Not use it. See also, unwrapped gum in the couch.


You look over at the table

a new form of modern art

and discover a new form of modern art.

…duck tape and all.

You almost trip over your toddler’s “car”.

a well-stocked car

A Future Hoarder of America’s vehicle is well stocked with life necessities.

Really … Who travels without a few games to pass the time?

Plus Candy Land plays dual roles. It’s a game and a backrest. You should try it.
You look in their bed and find everything but the kitchen sink… or is that the sink?!

is that the kitchen sink...?

Animals… check

Balls… Check

(you never know when a game of catch might come up in the middle of the night. And why have one ball when you can have three?!

more animals... check

More animals … check

Blocks… check

Suitcase … check

Because you never know when you might need to build something – maybe a shelter for all the animals – or have your luggage ready for an impromptu trip.

some good books

And who can travel without a few good books.

I mean really… a little Sam and the Firefly, A,B,C Bunny and Goodnight Moon – who wouldn’t want those in their bag? … and a few fake doubloons?. Because, you never know when a pirate might be breathing down your neck!

a pirate!

… especially one in a cape.

“Arrrgg – I’m still coming for you Halloweenie!”

Thanks for walking the cluttered road with me. There’s rarely a dull moment.


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