Table Talk: Do You Know You’re Beautiful? by Erin Schreyer

Today’s Table talk is by our friend Erin Schreyer. When I saw the following FB post on Erin’s page, I hounded her to write a moatblog entry on the subject. “When we mothers focus our attention and resources on trying to look younger, skinnier or different, we tell our daughters that 1) God’s work was not good enough; and 2) our worth is determined by the way we look. NEITHER is true. We MUST talk about and model the difference between HEALTH and EGO. Our girls’ confidence, value and future decisions depend on it.” It’s a super important topic, especially when tween/teens hit the scene. So thanks for stepping up to the plate Erin, for letting me hound you and for sharing from the heart. We appreciate your food for thought and your encouraging words. Feel free to join in the conversation …

Hello Still … Let me introduce myself

You know you’re ready for summer when sitting outside Michaels waiting for a kid to emerge from her search for end of the year project necessities feels like a beach moment. When a shady parking spot, a strong breeze blowing in through open windows and the hum of Central Expressway traffic sounds like waves rolling in from a distant ocean actually induces dozing, I think it’s fair to say – someone needs a vacation. “YAAHHH!!!!” pops errand girl from below my window. After laughing at me jumping out of my skin and screaming, she added, “Were you asleep?” Her sister chimed in, “Maawwwmmm!!! That is so embarrassing.” Embarrassing?! What does she mean, embarrassing? Clearly I’m tired. And how rude to abruptly end my moment. I could almost see the cabana boy at hand, ready to bring me a cool and refreshing drink.


  On Wednesday last week, I called my mom to let her know I was running a tiny bit late. I instantly knew by her pause that something had happened. She forced words through a tight throat of stifled sobs, “Lucia didn’t wake up this morning.” Sweet Lucia. One of my parents’ lifelong and dearest friends. The mother of one of my lifelong and dearest friends. In fact, our families crossed on three of each other’s four children. I never remember a time without the Waggoners in my life. “She didn’t wake up,” my mom choked again. This time the dam holding back tears broke. She released a flood of sobs, deep heartbroken, already missing her friend, sobs. Then she tried to quickly gather herself. We had a houseful of guests coming in less than an hour to have coffee with the wonderful Jim Daly from Focus on the Family. Bush Library

More from the Rink: Thriving in the Unexpected

Today’s entry is a tiny bit diff. It’s something from my sister-in-law (BFF) who lives in Georgia. They too decided to stay-cation for their spring break this year. And after reminiscing of our roller skating days and Lessons from the Roller Rink, she and her neighbor took their kids to Alpharetta’s rendition of White Rock Skate. Needless to say, her experience was a tiny bit different than our fun day. While gliding the rink next to her visually impaired (that’s a different ahhhh-mazing story), she somehow tripped and fell and shattered her ankle. Thankfully her neighbor is a nurse and kept calm until the ambulance arrived. Thankfully they live close to phenomenal health care. Hilariously, her 17-y-o son captured it all on his phone and instagrammed most of the experience – puffed up proud that
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