December 31st tends to leave me a bit uneasy.

I can’t help but look back at the year and wonder how it went. Did I accomplish anything? Did we weather well the bumps in our road? Did I grow?… at least in the right areas? Did I shrink? Was I a good friend? Did I love my family well? Did I laugh more than I cried? Why or why not. Then … the all important: what do I want to maintain or do differently in the year that starts tomorrow?

Of course, I ask myself, fully aware of my propensity to start out with a well-intentioned plan only to realize a month later that some curve ball (or just plain forgetfulness) knocked me off course. But when that happens, I’ll just take up where I am and keep chugging along as I usually do.

But, for today, I will consider pie in the sky. Not to bring on a guilt trip or to set unreasonable expectations, but to get a birds-eye view of what we’ve been up to. Sometimes taking inventory from a sky seat can help add perspective to the daily mundane and to the front line efforts/assaults.

And where better to go, than Pinterest?!

Okay … might bring some eye-rolls my way, but seriously … there are some great ideas on Pinterest. What’s a the top of your Pinterest list? (a paint color, a craft, a recipe, a helpful hint…) We would all LOVE to know. Not a Pinterest fan? No worries. Do you have a great tip you could share that would make all our lives easier? For instance, years ago my friend Lori Abernathy shared her very easy tip to make taking out the garbage simple. She puts empty sacks at the bottom of her trash can so she when she takes a bag out, there’s always a replacement right at her fingertips. So simple, yet so helpful.

Anyway – Here are a few of my favs that I hope to at least remember, maybe even try or dare I say implement:

finger print

Love this idea – what a cool way to love & celebrate your kid.

super clean

Really great ideas on super cleaning your house on this “Thorough Spring Cleaning Check List“. I rank up there with the worst – not only cleaners, but knowing how to clean. That’s one thing that I love about equipping kids. I don’t have to be an expert. I can learn just as much as they do.

Here is one of my favorite things that I have on my Pinterest page – a WorshipMob video of Phil Wickam’s “You’re Beautiful”. I hope it will bless you if you watch (it’s a bit long :).

I like it for so many reasons. Not only does the song live up to its title, but the way they show each member of the ensemble so wonderfully contributing just as they are gifted to do offers perspective and inspiration – to me as a person and as a parent. We get a window into each instrument, each voice, each member of this team whose collective efforts result in an amazing musical experience.

It’s just like us. Maybe we’re the lead singer. Or maybe we’re the violinists whose face we barely see, but without whom a significant piece of the  picture would be missing. Or the drummer who gives it his all – even singing along – though sans mic. And at the end of the song, the pianist who plays more than one role (notice the guitar) not only keeps playing, letting a different melody roll off his fingers, but inspires his companions to do the same.

What a “beautiful” picture of the way we work together to honor the subject of this song. Each with our own unique gifts and talents. Each a necessary cog whether we’re up front or behind the scenes.

Not all of my kids are of the “up front” nature. I’m pretty sure that one of mine will be in the distant back, working away, adding his stunning talent to the applause of few. The world might not celebrate him – especially as he navigates the challenges of teendom – but I’m hoping his parents encourage and celebrate his window and the gifts he uniquely brings to the table. And might I do the same for my other four – search out their talent and teach them, like the drummer, to bring it. And if one of them happens to be the lead singer, teach him/her to realize there is an orchestra backing them up, making the music that provides a platform for their song.

Those are a few of my pinteresting pins. Now … don’t leave me hanging on your Pinterest ideas. Share for all of our sakes :)

Thanks for walking the road with me (and for putting up with my sharing about how a video inspires me :)


… and for laughing with me:

house cleaning

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