Missionary Dresser … not for the faint of heart

mission dressing For those who might not know, Jon grew up on the mission field. His parents lived on a tributary of the Amazon River with an indigenous tribe called the Ese Ejas. They became family to each other. So much so, Jon’s oldest sister and her family still live in Bolivia. Mission work is in the Wyma blood. So, when Jon and I met and we realized we were falling in love, one of the first things Jon asked me was, “Do you think you could be a missionary?” I responded with an enthusiastic, whole-hearted affirmation, “Absolutely!” And I leaned into the dreamy adventure of it all. Well, it didn’t take long for Jon to question my response. His doubt might have had something to do with my reaction to a roach in our first little rental home. In my defense, that bug was huge and quite possibly flew. But, Jon just shook his head and laughed as he he killed

It’s Just a Parking Space

parking space “So, what do you think about lunch next week?” my friend asks me over the phone. We had been catching up while I drove north to the West Plano Costco. I love Costco. Sam’s is great, too. But we had weekend visitors headed our way. One of which happens to be my father-in-law who has a fetish for the Kirkland brand Cashew Crunch. I might have a fetish myself and an appreciation to be able to blame my father-in-law for stocking the house. “Oh my word – “ I cut her off. “Someone just took the parking spot I have been waiting for. Seriously, I was waiting with my blinker the entire time that lady was loading her car and putting away the cart. I can’t believe someone would pull in front of me.” “How rude!” my friend commiserated. “I know … Can you believe?!” But, I shrugged it off. “Whatever. There’s a guy coming up to

Wave Etiquette

queen+wave I love summer so much. The only thing I don’t love … well, there might be two things – are the heat (106 today – hey, our winters rock!) and the way days zip by. They begin and end almost before you blink. At least that’s what I think. I know some might be weary from the onslaught of “I’m bored”s, but I love having nothing to do. Which leaves me wondering how summer could fly by so quickly. Maybe my love for summer also has something to do with my disdain for carpool. Which I’ve discovered is not so much about the driving, but about the sitting and the waiting. I’m still driving this summer. We have a not-so-close-to-our-house swim team, summer school for my studier and a summer job in an office building that isn’t friendly to bike transportation. So despite my bad attitude

Motherhood-Induced ADD

square wreath Diagnosis of ADHD with one of our kids a few years ago explained a lot. Since the kid had little if no physical manifestations of meandering thoughts, it never dawned on us until dysgraphia entered the picture that the kid struggled to keep it together. Needless to say, once diagnosed, we’ve had many moments of “no wonder….” I’ve decided he got it from me. He must have. For me, Attention Deficit Disorder all started about the time I became a mom. Well maybe not at first, but once number 2, then 3, for sure 4, and definitely 5 (Ed: 5!!! Kay you are my hero.) came along I far passed any semblance of “normal” (but that’s another story), and I find myself full-fledged disordered. In fact, it’s amazing I get anything done.   For instance, last Friday I set out to find my phone (…it’s a shame that thing isn’t connected
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