This week my friend Courtney DeFeo over at Lil Light O’Mine asked me to join her far-more-stellar-than-me line-up as she travels through what she’s calling a Titus 2 year contemplating things like: intimacy with Christ, marriage, purpose, parenting and the likes. Though she asked me to share, I can’t wait to glean from everyone else.

So – I weighed in this week on one of my most favorite topics – intimacy with God (not because I’m an expert, but mostly because I’d like to understand more). She also asked for tidbits from those in my life that have been generous with wisdom they’ve learned along their own roads. And I’m so glad she did. I needed to “hear” from something my friend/mentor Gail has said over and over and over: God is good. She says it in the good and the bad and she rests on it. It’s where she lands when staggering situations (like the one that faced folks I love last week) tempt to knock us down.

I needed the reminders that came to the surface when she asked me to share – reminders that God is close, that He never wavers, that He is over every circumstance, that His love endures forever – ALWAYS (yesterday, today and forever.) Things that I learned when I started to read Scripture with my eyes less on me and more on knowing Him, less for information and more for intimacy (as was the topic of Adam Tarnow’s talk last Sunday, as if on cue.)

Maybe that’s why the intimacy seemed so far out of reach. My focus was more on doing rather than knowing-Him. His yoke didn’t feel light or easy, until I started to understand surrender. What I thought I had to do myself, I realized He does for me.

Maybe this is where the enormity of grace meets the action steps of faith.

The lists really are there “so that (life) may always go well for you” (Deut. 12:28) – because God loves us (in the same way I love my kids and provide directives so they might thrive), but also – maybe because we can only attempt the lists with Him (“…apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:15)

And really – what can be more intimate that God doing it for us.

It’s a mind-blower for me: Any time I love, I’m bumping up against/engaging with/tapping into God because He IS love.


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