Today, sweet MOAT Jennifer (another avid reader despite the ever-present and literal calls of motherhood) shares a few of her favorites. Her first suggestion is pretty amazing considering the subject matter and the fact that she experienced a very similar situation (but her’s was a different and very difficult outcome). Jennifer’s faith is inspirational to say the least.

If you’d like to buy these or any of the Great Summer Reads, check out the Pantry where there are convenient link to Amazon if you’d like to buy one. Or you can pull up the Pantry page at the bookstore for the list of all our moms’ terrific suggestions. Tune in for more next week!

Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer. (We had some swimming kids in the background just for good measure and “ambiance” …. well, it pretty much just comes with the territory).

Great Summer Reads – Part 3 from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

MOAT Jennifer shares a few of her favorite reads.


… and thanks for walking the road with me,


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