Happiness rocks. And there’s a song rocking it around the globe, making people smile. I love it … and so does it’s writer. Here are a couple reasons why

1) Pharrell Williams has touched on part of the secret to real success – genuine, humble gratitude as you live out your purpose in life – because we don’t walk it alone and we didn’t gift the talent.

Something about his song seems to cut to our core and it lands everyone who hears it happy. People everywhere. On CBS Sunday Morning, Mr. Williams, shared his gratitude for all his road-pavers (his band teachers, his fans, the radio stations that play his music, … his mistakes) that helped a hardworking young man who didn’t know he had talent, learn music and hit the heights. And he leaves and interviewer baffled at his gratefulness.

2) And then, seeing the song in action, moves him deeply. To get to see his intended purpose played out on a screen. – Happiness actually is where it’s at… (clip from Oprah Prime)

’nuff said.

Thanks for walking the road with me. Thinking about purpose, mine, the kids’ and the ultimate purpose. Remembering to thank the ones (teachers, supporters, listeners, readers…) that pave the path.

Seriously – THANKS!

:) K

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