I recently had lunch with my sweet friend Millye who has tons of wisdom to offer along this road of parenting. She has led a ministry at our church for several years and is trying her hand at writing. I asked if she had anything she would like to share with us … mostly because I want to know what’s on her mind … and also because I thought we would all enjoy time together. So here’s a little something from Millye. I hope her words put some fuel in your tank today.

Thanks Millye (pictured below with her sweet daughter Sallye who is now in college)… and thanks for walking the road with me.


sallye and millye

I recently spoke about JOY at the NEST.  One topic that had to be included was distractions, a huge JOY Robber.

On any given day, anywhere I go, I observe missed opportunities as parents drag kids through stores, walk them to school, driving in cars, etc. talking or focused on their phones.  This not only robs you of precious conversation with your children but also the sales clerk or the mother at the park who needs to hear about the Lord.

In Deuteronomy, we are commanded to not only know God’s commands but also impress them onto our children when we sit at home, walk along the road, lie down and get up.  I know how I feel as an adult trying to carry on a conversation when someone is glancing, checking, and corresponding on their phone as we “talk”.  Eye contact, physical touch, and facial expression are the most effective way to communicate love and value. .

Its hard to communicate value when your preoccupied.

I love Paul’s instruction in Philippians 4: 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put into practice.  I love how this man of wisdom said learned, received, or heard and singled out or seen in me!  The emphasis is your kids are watching!  You are paving the road to the relationship you will walk when these little people suddenly become teens, and young adults!  In other words, you will reap what you sow…moms and dads!

Turn off all dingers and ringers on texting and emails and only the ringer for phone calls!   People, schools, work, even teens will call you for absolute emergencies.   Retrain your ears to hear the Lords voice and the sweet communication of your children’s voices! God taught me years ago a conviction….” JUST DEU IT!” Based on Deuteronomy 6.. He has a plan for our day when you get up, walk along the road, sit at home, and lie down.   It should be all about HIM!  The CALL to be a parent “all in” is the one you don’t want to Miss!


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