What happened to Wednesday’s post? Hmmm… I think it’s sitting beside my Christmas cards that have yet to be mailed.

christmas card

I told some friends yesterday about my Christmas cards that are also our moving cards. Because we moved. Maybe that’s part of the problem, our five month remodel/transition that is almost coming to an end. Anyway, I had thought about sending the cards at Valentines, covering the words “Merry Christmas” with a “Happy Valentines Day” sticker.  Well, that didn’t happen. So the next logical choice was “Happy Easter.” Yeah, that came and went, too. Now (since the cards were multi-purpose anyway) they will be sent in the next few weeks (don’t hold your breath) celebrating our move.

Thanks, as usual, for putting up with my flakiness and for walking this crazy road with me. I really mean it.

I’ve had an amazing month (really year – because it was almost a year ago that Cleaning House hit the market) traveling around meeting and speaking with so many of you. They are all highlights. Some have been a bit more interesting than others – mostly because of my own mishaps. Many of which have occurred in or around airports.

Somewhere along the way, I guess when I donated all of my brain cells in the Labor and Delivery unit at Baylor Hospital five times, I’ve lost my ability to travel. In a former life, when I was traveling Advance for the Office of the Vice President, I was a proficient traveler.

Not so much any more.

I’ve overpacked, underpacked, been late, and forgotten things. I’ve had to obnoxiously plead and beg my way to the front of security lines so as not to miss interviews at Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and Family Talk with Dr Dobson.Yes, traffic does exist and play a role in airport arrival times. I guess my mind only calculates carpool drive times correctly. Oh – but I’ve also lost all ability to calculate. Hmmm… more brain cell donation issues, I’m sure.

In Los Angeles on a quick day trip to meet and chat with Marie Osmond, I stood in front of a very nice TSA agent who patiently watched me search my purse to find my driver’s license. It wasn’t there. No. After retracing every step, I realized I had left it in the rental car’s front seat. The rental car that was 20 minutes off property. The rental car that apparently had been whisked away for cleaning. Cleaning that included discarding all stray contents. Yes, I sometimes amaze myself.

Crazy thing, the guy cleaning the car saw my license in the crumpled wad of paper sitting on the passenger seat. And, about the time I was slumping in a Hertz lobby seat, realizing that I would be spending the night in L.A. with no extra clothes, tooth brush, belongings, driver’s license, or any legal representation attesting to my identity that could get me tthrough security and home, that nice guy was running to the desk … with my license. And I made my flight.

Just this week, I had the super fun opportunity to chat with a National Charity League chapter in San Antonio. After which, my new friend Jenny dropped me off at the airport to to send me home. This time, driver’s license in hand, I made my way through security, got a sweet tea and stopped for a bathroom break before boarding. I heard over the PA, “Joanna Wyma, please report to the security check-in. …  Joanna Wyma.”

Weird,” I thought. “What a strange last name. I wonder if we’re related?” Then I laughed to myself that I even heard the message, because who listens to those announcements?! Then I wondered, “Do you think they’re looking for me?!”

I walk out of the bathroom and very nice man caught my eye. He walked toward me and said, “Did you loose your purse?”

“I don’t know.” I replied. Then intimately aware of myself, I added, “Probably.”

“It’s over at the security station.”

“Thank you SO much,” I replied. Humbled that this man would stop to help me. I touched his shoulder, because I’m now a totally sappy/huggy person and thanked him again.

When I got to the security station, I looked for the person to whom I needed to talk. Glancing around, I saw the nice man again. He motioned from across the walkway, “You’re purse is over there.” He pointed toward three policemen standing by a bench. The bench where I had put my shoes on after making my way through the mags. The bench where I had apparently grabbed all my belongings except my purse.

I looked back at him. He smiled, the kindest smile, and looked relieved.

I walked over to the bench, slightly floored that so many people were looking into my purse that is literally the size of a 4×6 envelope. They checked me out, handed me my purse, then told me about the man who saw me get up without it and his kind concern.

My life would have gone on just fine without that purse, but how wonderful and sweet to have been cared for in such a thoughtful way

That man had a load of other-centeredness going on.

I’m so glad he did. He blessed my socks off.

I had just come from sharing with a room-full of loving, well-intentioned parents the message that he lived right there in the crowded San Antonio airport.

The secret sauce to life: life works best when we put others’ interest ahead of our own.

Crazy – that I get encouraged along the way to keep on keepin’ on. At Chase Oaks Bible church last week, one woman’s notes stopped me in my track:

She’s Chinese and wants to send the info to her friends at home. My favorite part is the line she wrote in English.

yes you can

 #3: “Yes you can.”

The admonition to our kids – that yes, they can do so much more than they want to or think they can.

So when I get lost, show up late, forget to put something on my calendar, get tired, lose my license, lose my purse and so much more, I hope I remember: we’re not in this alone. It’s worth the effort. Our kids are worth it. The message is good.

You can do so much more than you think. Not to promote yourself, but to love and serve those around you. For in that, peace and joy overflow.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


Here’s one more thing that warmed my heart this week. A doodle made and sent to me by Snopes. She’s so creative … and inspiring. Because faith just might be the most important ingredient :)

Leap of Faith

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