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We’ve had a big week around here.

Remember how I told you a couple weeks ago that I had blown it. Remember how my kids snapped me out of any funk and refocused my attention when I, as the driver, became the student yet again. Well, I had not blown it. On Thursday & Friday of this week, Guy & Ian from the Today Show braved the crazy road of the Wyma household.

It was kind of weird to have someone shadow you for the day (See Also: cameras in your car, microphone attached to my dress, lights in you house, folks following you everywhere, cameras filming kids doing their thing …. )  But the “crew” was so wonderful and nice that we were blessed beyond measure. We hope we might have blessed a little back.

More than anything, we just might get to share with a larger audience the excitement of and power involved in putting real, confidence-infusing responsibilities back on our kids’ plates. Ian & Guy got to ride along with us and watch our fam (and a few friends along the way) do our regular stuff like shop, ride in the car, pump gas, ride in the car, volunteer tutor, ride in the car, hang with neighbors and ride in the car. They also had to eat what the cook of the night made for dinner. Besides one small set-back (a friend might have accidentally purchased a head of cabbage instead of lettuce) the meal was delicious. And all went well.

So we will wait and see what happens with our Day in the Life of the Crazy Wymas. We’ll hope that bodily sounds were kept to a minimum while the car cameras were rolling. We’ll hope that I didn’t break out in fake-operatic song while driving. And that all other embarrassing moments were kept at a minimum. And that despite our fumbling along, the message was clear. Kids can do so much more than they (or we) think they can.

Then, as if on cue, to confirm the truth behind this stuff, I got an email from a Virginia dad. He nicely agreed to me sharing. And, I hope he inspires you as much as he did me.

We started Family Dinner Night a year or two ago after hearing you on American Family Radio one day.  We instituted a night, one per week, of each of our girls cooking the meal for our family.  The night is a set night, and each girl tells mom what they will cook on the menu, and what items need purchased from the store to prepare the meal.

Mom then grabs the items as part of the normal grocery run for the week. 

This week our oldest, Mattie (12), wanted to cook clam chowder, not from the can, but homemade.  Mattie researched the recipe online and got the grocery list and cooking instructions.  Mom got all the goods and supervised as Mattie sauteed up the vegetables and potatoes, and made the creamy stock.  She then combined the clams, vegetables, and cream stock in a large pot and made dinner rolls. 

The meal was delicious.  Mattie asked to pray, and in the prayer she thanked God for the opportunity to try a new meal.  I could tell she was very proud of herself.  During the meal, my wife Tori asked, “is this something you could make again all by yourself?”  Mattie responded, “Definitely!”  Finally, Tori said at the end of the meal, “You know Mattie why I like family dinner night?”  Mattie asked, “Why?”  And Tori responded something to the effect that she would have never thought of cooking clam chowder or putting it on the family menu, but since Mattie came up with the idea all by herself everyone got to enjoy something different for dinner than we would have normally had.

I recommend incorporating family dinner night into your families routine for a couple of reasons.  First, it builds the kids self confidence in the kitchen.  Second, their self esteem is improved as they see their skills improve.  Third, it teaches them responsibility and that their mother is not a short order cook.  It hasn’t been perfect, and sometimes when life takes over it is easier not to let them cook.  But, you will never do anything perfect, so just do it. 

Thanks for the idea and God Bless.

Clint Alexander
DOAG – Dad Of Adolescent Girls.

Wow! Where’s the LOVE button?! Keep it coming folks … pics and stories. Great fuel for the equipping tank. Reminding all of us that we don’t have to walk it alone.

Thanks for your prayers — and for walking it with me.


Kids Can Cook

Clam Chowder Kid

What surprise meal might be cooking in your home?

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