Today’s guest blog is by my new friend Margie Sims. Margie is a rare breed. Not only is she walking the road with us, she has also launched a few of her kids. So she just oozes wisdom. She really encouraged and inspired me last week when we were chatting about a few things and I’m so thrilled for her to share with all of us. She a mom of – hold on to your hats – 10 kids. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Thanks Margie! … and thanks for walking the road with me.


I was standing on the sidelines at yet another football practice when
I turned to the mom beside me to make conversation.  “You know,” I
said, “these practices sure do take up a lot of time.”  I had no idea
what I was in for.

“Yes!” she turned to face me, putting her hand on her hip.  “But you know what?”

I was afraid to ask.

“If we weren’t here, my kids would just be at home watching TV.”

I started to comment, but she wasn’t  finished.

“But, you know, the real challenge is getting them home and showered,
feeding them dinner, making sure homework gets done and they get into
bed on time; because, you know, I am not one of those moms who is
going to throw chicken nuggets and french fries at my kids every
night.  Right now, I have chicken breast and green beans in the crock

She took a breath.

“And in the morning do you know that you can fry an egg as quick as
you can pour a bowl of cereal?”

I don’t remember anymore of the conversation, but I do remember coming
away knowing what it looked like to embrace your role as a mother.
Though she didn’t come across as arrogant, it was clear to me she was
Da Mom.

At the time I probably had half a dozen kids.  But I was  preoccupied,
winging it, flying by the seat of my pants and I knew it.  The writer
inside me seemed to never quiet down, and I found myself dabbling in
parenting and immersing myself in my writing.

I don’t know exactly why that football field lady impacted me the way
she did, but I came screeching to a halt–asking myself  how could I
better embrace my role?  I knew the first answer–show my kids they
are my priority by writing only at nap time.

Then came attention to the little things–getting  up a little
earlier, trying a little harder in the kitchen,  scheduling in
homework time. In short, I became devoted to letting my kids know they
are important to me by my simple, everyday actions.

A lot has transpired since that conversation over a decade ago. I have
had four more babies and launched three of my kids into adulthood.  I
still have a long way to go, but I can honestly say I am trying my
best to be Da Mom–it is nap time as I write this, for one thing.

Thank you, football field lady, wherever you are.  The day I met you
was the day I found great freedom in embracing my role.  Your
enthusiasm for motherhood has impacted me more than you’ll ever know.

Margie Sims is the mother of 10 and a frequent contributor to Memphis Parent magazine. Follow  her blog at

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