Don’t hold me to it, but I’m determined to start sharing some of the funny quotes that have come my way. Being the recovering procrastinator that I am, we’ll hope for the best (as in consistency) … and if not a laugh, maybe a smile as we start the week together :)

Erma housegest

Also tune into Family Life Today tomorrow for the first of a 3-day interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. They have lots of great things to share with us for sure.

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There’s one more week to be entered in this month’s give-away… a $100 Visa gift card from Cleaning House’s wonderful publisher WaterBrook Multnoma. Not only are you entered by becoming a friend, you’re entered each time you invite a friend (scroll to the end of the form for “invite your friends”) … okay enough of that. Just hoping you bring home the dough. MOAT Elizabeth received her July winnings a few weeks ago. It’s so much fun to get an unexpected package in the mail that isn’t asking for anything in return.

As always, thanks for walking the road with me.


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