My behavior yesterday has prompted me to punt my prepared post and to share a little insight from my friend Erin Schreyer as she concludes of her month long Peaceful Project. Her encouraging words are something I think we all could use.

Whether standing amongst the throngs gathering their children outside church and unabashedly calling out a certain child’s whining about where we would each lunch  (okay, so I might have outright yelled at him, “STOP IT!!! JUST. STOP. IT!!!”… yes, I did … in front of everyone. It was a lovely moment for me. Especially since the very nice woman who stopped me only moments earlier to tell me how much she was enjoying Cleaning House was getting to see up close and personal that I wasn’t kidding when I told her that we are far from perfect in our house and that I’m walking the road just like her.) – OR – navigating a path full of life stuff that has your stomach tied in knots, a dose of peace can go a long way.

Here’s what Erin had to say on the final day of of her Peaceful Project:

Peace.  It’s such a beautiful thing; something I won’t likely take for granted in our home again.

Because of our little month-long project, I get now that peace doesn’t just magically happen (especially with two young kids!)  Someone needs to lead it.  There needs to be intention. Focus. Priority.

Yelling is not nearly as necessary as I once thought.  I’m embarrassed to even type those words.  I used to lose it with my kids…and even worse, I thought most of it was their fault.

It turned out not to be true, though.  It was mostly my fault.  Our fault as parents.  We needed to do a better job of modeling our values, communicating and prioritizing the right things.   Then, the magic can happen.  Things fall much easier into place after that!  And, guess what?  There becomes no reason to yell, either.

It’s true. I had so much on my mind yesterday, the whining sounded louder in my ears than it should have and I responded accordingly. It’s good to keep our minds anchored in Truth and not in circumstances.

Erin adds:

All the way at the end of our project (duh!) I was reminded of a very important scripture:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

There is such joy in being a child.  I’m so happy to be reminded that I am a child of God.  Just like I want the best life for my own children, He wants that for all of us – His children.

Only with peace can we be truly still.  Only with peace can we fully love….or be loved in return.  Only with peace can both joy and perspective be at their fullest.  Only with peace can we truly appreciate our blessings.

I have learned all of these lessons in a quick month with focus and intention…and not only did my household become more peaceful, but I was blessed beyond my wildest imagination with a perspective that was clearly needed in my life.

Good stuff.

Peace sure gives perspective in the midst of agony and tragedy…. and even in the frazzled mind of a worn out mom. I guess it has a little something to do with where the peace is found. I’m glad He kept reminding his disciples (and us) not to be afraid or uncertain about surrounding circumstances. He said more than once, “Peace be with you.” … because He is.

Thanks for letting me share, Erin … and thanks for walking the road with me.

:) Kay

Erin Schreyer is a 40-something mom of two, wife, entrepreneur, leadership coach, speaker, trainer and life enthusiast! You can find more information about Erin on her company’s website and on LinkedIn. Follow and LIKE Erin’s Facebook pages for Sagestone Partners and Strengths and Sisterhood.

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