We’ve decided that the best way to begin the summer is with a week away … especially a week with family at the beach. You might think that our five is quite a crew, but we’re nothing when compared to my brother’s seven. Throw in three more from another brother and we qualify for a group rate at Six Flags.

Our ride wasn’t quite as exciting as Titan

but the destination beat any roller coaster line… that’s for sure.

Hours of fun in the sun,

great food,

a few shoes,

fun fellowship,

friendly competition,

plenty of exploring,

brave showmanship,


night lights,

our summer begins.

Can school and all its business really be done for the year?!! I’m not sure we really believe it, but what a way to start. We were super sad to leave beautiful Watersound, Florida and wonderful time with cousins (FHA keeps asking when we’re going back to see Aunt Chris. After several days of asking me “that lady’s” name, he’s now majorly missing her) …

but we’re excited to see our new little family member.

And, yes … we FINALLY named her while we were gone. Okay, so we are probably one of only a select few families that can go for weeks without naming a child or pet, but we’ve had victory – no need to point out that it wasn’t until a few miles outside the Dallas city limits on our way home,  Check back tomorrow and let me know what you think.

Thanks for walking the road with me – and bearing with me through a week of limited internet access :)


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