I thought you guys might enjoy the following story about a little Chicken Pot Pie action going on in Dallas last week. (What’s Chicken Pot Pie action? click here to find out: CPP Post). Believe it or not, the same story occurred in an almost identical way to another MOAT friend, Shelly. Thanks for being on top of things, girls. May we all capitalize on those little chances put in our path – no matter the reason.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


I thought I would tell you about an experience Susan had this morning.

Susan was at “Short Stop” in Snyder Plaza picking up a few food items for the week and overheard a young couple speaking.  They were speaking quite loudly and everyone in the shop heard them.  She heard the young boy say something like , “I’m only 16 and we can’t have a baby, you have to have an abortion.”  Susan was quite surprised by what she heard and her first thought was that we live near SMU and this might be some sort of sociology study.

However, the Lord moved her and she decided to sit down and visit with the couple and let them know that abortion is NOT the answer.  She suggested that they should tell the important people in their lives about the pregnancy and that they might be surprised at their reaction and how they might be able to help them raise the child.  Another option she suggested was to put the baby up for adoption so that a loving family could adopt the child. I don’t know everything she said but in the end she asked them their names and prayed with them, bringing the young couple to tears.

Next, as she was leaving the store, a young man with some sort of electronic device around his head came walking up to her.  He was a producer for an ABC News program, either “Primetime” or “20/20.”  He told her that this was a hidden camera report to find out if anyone would step in and tackle the abortion subject with the young couple.  Next, John Quiñones (a very recognizable reporter) came up to her and asked if they could use the footage on air for a program that will be shown on Friday, May 20th.  With some hesitation, she agreed to let them use the footage. Both of the men commented on how brave she was for speaking up.  Susan, of course, downplayed her bravery and said that God led her to the couple and gave her the strength to talk and pray with them.

When she called me she was in tears and I thought she might have had a car accident or something. Fortunately she was fine, she was just a bit emotional from the situation.  I commended her on doing the right thing, I doubt that I would have had the strength to do what she did.  I also tried to put her at ease by reminding her that fortunately the young woman was only an actress and not actually pregnant.  I also told her that ABC will probably have to edit her prayer because her prayers are often quite lengthy.

Thought you might like to hear this story.

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