About a month ago, sweet MOAT Deborah sent a message to our Ironing Board.

Any advice on handling the movie/DVD scene? Our teen and tween just don’t seem to our sensibilities when it comes to movies these days and it is becoming harder and harder to find something we can agree on. We end up watching nothing, which actually may be the best choice. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

First of all, I’m super sorry that I just sent the question to our Board this week. I put some stuff on the back burner (thanks to our crazy/challenging trial stuff a few weeks ago) that has now moved up to the front line. I’ll be sure to forward their wise words when they come my way.

Until then, here are two responses that I got when floating the movie issues to some wise moms here in Big D.

  • One family, who seems to struggle like we do with the PG-13 thing. You know the one where your teenager indignantly lobs the, “Why can’t I go see blah,blah, blah?! I’M 14!! Did you forget I was born in 1996 (?!!)  – clearly within the target audience age range! You are so not fair. Every other kid get to go. I’m the ONLY one not going!!!” (… Ahhhh – I just walked that bomb-laden road this week. So much fun.) Anyway, this family has their kids check out websites like PluggedIn to get the lowdown on flics. Then they make the kid explain to them why they should see the movie.
  • Another family takes movie requests from their kids on nights they want to stay home and watch a dvd. They put the movie choices in a jar. Then either mom or dad fishes through the jar and pulls the choice for the evening. If there’s any complaining about the “winner”, the family gets to participate (together) in some type of work project, like raking leaves, cleaning the bathrooms, washing windows, etc. Needless to say, the bickering has stopped.

Let’s not forget, too, some of the terrific choices hitting theaters. In the last few years, major studios have made intentional efforts to bring “family friendly” flics to the big screen. Not long ago, some of these might have been a bit heavy on the cheese factor, but they have come a long way. Our own MOAT Ironing Board mom, Julie Fairchild, is integrally involved in this effort and is happy to share what’s on the horizon.

In fact, a GREAT one is hitting theaters today. Julie said its a must see. Very well done and inspirational to boot. Here’s the trailor for Soul Surfer. It’s got a great cast (Anna Sophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Carrie Underwood). Take you family this weekend if you can. Opening weekend box office returns determine outlets and dvd production for the future and open avenues for more films that are easy on the eyes for all concerned.

Trailer for Soul Surfer at Listal

I’ll forward on any other tips on how to handle the entertainment scene as I get them. PLEASE share what works in your home. I know our family could use the help.

As always, thanks for walking the road with me.

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