Here are a few more clips from our inaugural “MOATblog Presents” – a Panel Discussion on parenting entitled “Who’s Asking Who”

If you missed Tuesday’s post, here’s the background: The panel included Kyle & Lucina Thompson who wrote a guest blog in the Fall about our current dating environment where girls seem to be taking over the healm. (click here to see their blog: Turned Tables – One Family’s Take On Dating) Brett & Sheri Johnston and Herb & Lulie Thompson rounded out our panel of parents (one family all boys, one all girls, one a boy & a girl) who decided to do it purposefully.

No one is claiming perfection. It was just a forum in which to discuss ideas, approaches, methods and what Scripture has to say about parenting.

I hope you enjoy.

PLEASE let me know what you think..

Do you like it?

Would you like more of this video format?

The squarespace switch is just around the corner.

It might not be perfect, but will hopefully be fun.

Thanks again to our panel, the Troutts for hosting

… and to you for walking the road with me.

:) Kay

Parenting Panel, Part 9 Community from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.
Encouragement to live in community – tapping into the wisdom of those with whom we share life so we don’t parent in a vacuum.

Parenting Panel, Part 7 Dating from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.
Tips on managing middle school pressures, high school dances and swimming against the tide of popularity.

Parenting Panel, Part 8 More on Dating from Kay Wyma on Vimeo.

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