Welcome to yet another day of “Wintry Mix” in north Texas. Which means no school. Which means cramped spaces. Which means personal space invasion. Which means screaming.

In our state, there’s a phrase we often hear, “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Today, in our house, my kids knew the phrase as “Don’t Mess with Mamma!” They tried. They failed.

Naturally, I was on the phone when WWIII erupted, names were yelled, insults (along with a shoe or two) were hurled. A couple kids were separated and required to spend a some time “thinking”… one in his room, the other in mine.

After I concluded my conversation that I’m certain solved most of the world’s problems, I headed up stairs to discuss the attitudes and actions of my house-bound culprits (and I mean house bound… the wind chill is below zero. Give us 100+ degrees and we’re good. Go below zero and we don’t know which way to turn.) I walked into my room – all ready to life-lecture and what did I see??…

The kid had made my bed while serving her 20 minute sentence.

What could I do but smile.

Diffused… I walked out and was greeted by the other culprit.

“Can I come out now?”

“Are you able to be with other people, yet?” I ask.


“Okay… you can come out.”

“Guess what?”


“I was reading.”

“Well, that’s great.”

“Yeah… I was reading the Bible.”

“Well, I sure hope some of it stuck.”I thought, but didn’t say.
If you’re incredibly bored… take at peek at what we do when overcome by boredom… and a shrinking house!

Might I point out… They did this all 100% solo.

(Shelley might have offered the tiniest bit of oven aid

… but the rest was them.)

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