What more can be said?

For those of us who might have trouble reading the small print (you know who you are… remember when you turned 40 and the hole to a needle suddenly disappeared as you tried to thread it?!), here’s what the little guys are saying:

Super Happy Day 1: “SNOW!!!! No School! No work! Sleds! Snowball fight! Take pictures! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

Happy Day 2: “Another snow day? That’s cool, I guess. … I wish I could get out of my driveway.”

Funky Day 3: “Where does it keep coming from? Why won’t it melt? Why are my thoughts so LOUD?!! Has my house always made all this noise?!

Comatose Day 4 … (we’re there, Baby!… shoot us now.)

If we don’t kill each other… I’ll be back on Monday.

Thanks for walking the super slippery road with me.


It sure is pretty, though…

more than predicted.

We won’t be riding that today.

Hmmm… what happened to putting things away when you’re done playing?!

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