Sorry I’m just now posting.  Our ride home was SOOOOO long, it has taken a couple days to get back in the saddle. … The trip was not so long for Teen Take-Out who hopped a ride on United Airlines and beat us home by twelve hours.

Here are a few things he missed:


At 5:30 AM my eyes felt as blurred as this pic.  If you squint just right, you can see 39 (!) degrees as we crossed Vail Pass.

Hello Kansas.
Mind-numbing, plain-filled, mile after mile of flat farm-land Kansas.

Such nice people.  Such wide-open space.
Nice low eighty’s weather,

broken up only by some cool wind-mills.

and our very favorite, new find (apparently we have one in our neck of the woods),Freddy’s Steakburger in Hays, Kansas.

Thanks for being across the street from Micky-D’s,
and for sporting an inviting exterior.
(The words frozen custard didn’t hurt!)

Ahhhh… Much more comfy than that sweaty old car seat!

Soooooo happy to be out of the car.

thrilled to see that Freddy’s is …

an equal opportunity baby changer.
I didn’t see Jon changing any diaper, but it’s nice to know
Kansas & Freddy not only supports, but encourages our dads.

We agree … but enough about Freddy’s

We getting back in the car!

Hi Oklahoma!  Still a nice 84 degrees, but getting warmer.

Ahhhh… Texas.

You might be hot, but we’re sure glad to be home.  July (and laundry) has come and gone. We’ve successfully learned how to load, wash, unload, dry and deliver everyone’s clean clothes to their respective rooms. At least they now know the source of clean clothes.  … And I’ve learned just who would rather sport the Pig Pen look rather than bring on the suds. … I’ve got my eye on them!
August is scheduled for handy-man lessons.  We’ll be looking for ways to teach them simple handy things from simple light bulb changing to the less agreeable (but oh so important) toilet plunge.

Feel free to let me know little odd jobs you think are worthy of teaching our kids.  I need all the help I can get!

Thanks for wa
lking the road with me.

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