Sorry I’m so late in posting today.  We’re picking up kids at Kanakuk this weekend.  It’s scorching hot, but that never seems to matter much to kids – especially when cousins are involved.

This morning I was a bit of a mean mom as I forced Jack, after carrying him up a mammoth hill and at least a mile of walking to be a man and stand on his own 3-year-old feet.  He whined and whined.  I reiterated my message to snap out of it and to walk tall.  With our car in sight, only steps to air-conditioned bliss, he stopped in his tracks and bellowed from the depth of his little soul a deep cough that brought back to the world his breakfast we had just eaten.  He gagged and gagged, crying while trying to catch everything in his little hands lest he make a mess on the grass field where the cars were parked.

I felt so bad.  Poor little guy.  He kept it up for most of the morning.  But after each bout, he would sweetly tell me, with eyes full of wonder and sincerity, “I feel all better.”  He’s such a sweet little guy.  Something was up with Missouri and our boys this summer because each one entered the state with the same greeting.  Both Teen Take-Out and Slow Walker spent time in the nurses station at their respective terms doing the ralph thing.  We’re not going to let it deter us, though.  We love this little spot of heaven on earth.  

  That’s why I wanted to be sure to let you all know, especially moms of tween/teen boys, about a conference that our friend Joe White (Kanakuk Kamps) has graciously put together in an effort to educate and encourage these kids in a society steering further and further away from purity.  Check out the dates he lists below and grab your boys, their youth leader, friends, dads and b-line to a conference in your city.  If you’re in St. Louis or Atlanta, they’re headed your way soon!  Dallas gals, let’s fill that facility in September!  Here’s the web site:  Crossbow 

Thanks, Joe for all you do!

 … and thanks for walking the road with me.  -Kay

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to get to share my heart with you today. Two years ago the Lord gave me a vision to reach men and teenage boys across America with the message of discipleship. I desperately want to turn this nation’s ship around and return to the Cross. I long to see men become better husbands to their wives and better fathers to their children. I want teenage boys to desire purity and know how to defend their faith among their peers and to know and love their Creator God.

Two years ago, Men at the Cross was founded to equip and empower men to disciple men. This ministry is grounded in the desire to “love a man to Jesus until he’s ready to love another man to Jesus” through Paul-Timothy style discipleship. We lay hold of Paul’s command in 2 Timothy 2:2, which says, “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” It is my heart’s desire that fathers take their sons as their first “Timothy” and spend time together memorizing God’s Word. There’s no greater investment you can make as a parent than to invest in your child’s spiritual development.

“CrossBow” is the junior high and high school boy breakout session that takes 4.5 precious hours to equip tomorrow’s leaders to stand strong in their faith and become catalysts for change in a morally eroding culture.

Listen to what one dad said after a Men at the Cross conference. I hope it’s as encouraging to you as it is to me:

“This conference was different for me in way that chokes me up to even think about. It was my first year to bring my teenage son, Hunter, to a men’s event and have the opportunity to share that experience together. Hunter is 16 and a fine young man. He is a leader at his school, makes great grades and loves football. It meant the world to him the time you personally spent with the youth in their breakout session. He didn’t know what to think when the men gave the teenagers a standing ovation when they returned to the big group. He threw a pearl at the foot of the cross. We are working through the One to Won material. He is a believer and I can tell that God is working on his heart – calling Hunter to live different from the crowd. I can tell it struggles against his nature. I know that God has BIG plans for Hunter and I believe he is also searching for that direction. I know that you meet and interact with thousands of teens in each city and through your camp, but you have a God-given gift of making each of them feel special. I can tell Hunter was moved by your spending so much time with the yo
uth. I think he left the conference with a totally different picture of a Christian man.”

God is doing a mighty work in the lives of men and teenage boys across the nation and I would love to see your husbands and sons at one of our conferences. Tell them to grab a buddy and come meet me at the cross!!

All God’s Best,

Joe White

2010 Men at the Cross Events:

July 24 St. Louis, MO

July 31 Atlanta, GA

August 6 Lincoln, NE

September 11 Dallas, TX

September 17 Boise, ID

October 2 Phoenix/Chandler, AZ

October 9 Detroit, MI

October 16 Lancaster, PA

October 23 Jacksonville, FL

October 30 Virginia Beach, VA

November 13 Tampa, FL

December 3 Salt Lake City, UT

Joe and Debbie Jo White

Since 1976, Kanakuk Kamps owners and K-2 Directors, Joe and Debbie Jo White, have shared a deep passion for pointing kids to Christ through Christian sports camping. Together they have seen Kanakuk grow into nine unique Kamps and have also founded Kids Across America – for inner-city kids. Joe played football at S.M.U. where Debbie Jo was a football cheerleader. Joe then coached at Texas A&M before moving to Missouri in 1972. He has since written 19 books and speaks across the country for Men at the Cross, After Dark, Pure Excitement and Focus on the Family radio. Dr. James Dobson says, “Joe White knows more about teenagers than anyone in North America.” Debbie Jo trains the leadership team and the summer staff in a Precepts Bible study. She leads and organizes our Kamps with both dignity and grace. Joe and Debbie Joe have four children, Jamie Jo, Courtney, Brady, and Cooper and eight grandchildren, Hays, Maggie, Dax, Gabby, Jack, Anthony, Lillyanne, and Hayden.

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