End of the year around our house means class parties and teacher dinners.  With four of our five in school, that’s means lots of action.  The little bit of work they require brings LOTS of fun.  So in the spirit of the season, here are my “Top Ten Reasons to Throw a Party”  especially an end of the year party!”

10.  A party alway increases your energy whether your hosting or attending.  The hostess buzz lasts through the party, but clean-up can be a challenge.  :)

9.  A party provides hopeful opportunities for adult conversation.  An exchange that rarely occurs in a regular day normally filled with of one-sided exchanges.  “How was your day?” Silence. “Do you have any homework?” Silence. “What did you eat for lunch?” Silence.  Okay. Enough said.

8.  Laughter.  Lots of laughter and delight squeals.

Admittedly, middle school boy laughter might indicate questionable judgement or action.  But at this point in the year, who really cares?!  (I should.  But I don’t.)

7.  Ooooohhh.  A clean house.  A party always ignites the “My House Must Be Clean” fire in a woman.  Who wants to invite people over to a pig sty?!  And a tidy home feels sooooo good.

6.  Super yummy food.

Decadence!  Steer clear of a box and go for home-made!

(check out the “Pantry” page … this is one of Brock’s Brownies)

Just one more bite.  I have all summer to work it off.

5.  Eager helpful hands.  There’s no arm twisting when it’s their friends coming over.  Talk about attitude adjustments!

The little guy alway has to be front & center in the mix.  If they’re helping … He’s helping.

Okay… so he’s pretty helpful anytime I ask.

4.  Serving others.  This really is the best party reason.  If you can get over yourself and any possible worries about making a party “look” a certain way, you can let go and realize that people don’t care about the food, the decorations, the presentation … they just like being together.  Fellowship – that’s what it’s all about.

3.  Flowers…



more flowers.

Lowe’s was the provider.  The parties compelled the planting.  I didn’t have to buy much to fill our pots and we sure will enjoy them all summer!  (at least I will!)  If only I can remember to water them.  Hmmmm… nice job opportunity for some able bodies.

2.  Did I mention my clean house?

1.  And …. the number 1 reason to throw a party (especially an end of the year party) is ….. (drumroll)…… team-building unity.

A party brings our family together.  Despite the pre-party funk that sometimes (often!) accompanies the planning and preparation, when the people arrive, we all get jazzed.  We may have griped at each other earlier in the day, maybe even had a few short fuses (a.k.a. “arguments”), but in the end a terrific time is had by all.  One of the best parts is watching the kids be happy for each other.  They almost seem to enjoy their siblings’ parties as much as their own… basking in their brother/sister’s friends having fun.

Thankfully the weather has been beautiful.  I’m not so sure our dad would be feeling the love if rain entered the picture.  I can just see him at work worrying about a horde of kids inside our house instead of playing in the yard!  We would make it work, though.

So, take some time to plan a little soiree … even a small cookout for a few classmates or, better yet, their  teachers.  It promises to be some of the best spent time of your spring.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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