The greatest “Anti-Aging” secret??
A Positive Attitude! … yeah, I’m going there.

Hey Spring Breakers… If you’re reading this today, you probably aren’t off school this week, or could be enjoying the mighty stay-cation. (Sorry I’ve been a slow poster this week.) Whatever the case, we could all use a break from school and the inherent stress a home of teen/tweens brings. Stress that can grow like a bacteria in a petrie dish.

(Hmmm… petrie dish brings to mind Biology. And thinking about Biology reminds me of the probable time I stepped in and enabled by finishing my kid’s lab. Then, I’m reminded of my knee-jerk reaction to enable vs. equip… ugh :o In our house, the kids are learning to ask their dad for homework help instead of me. Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to add and subtract. These days, I tend to lower their grade instead of providing much assistance. I’m convinced it’s all the brain cells I’ve donated repeated times at Baylor Hospital. I’m not sure they’re being put to good use … but we’re working on that!)

With the lighter schedule, I’ve gotten to spend some time with my friend Lynne – solving all the problems of the world. Okay, not so much. More like groping along the way. For me, I’m hanging on by a thread. My eyes no longer function without my snappy Costco readers, I can’t hear out of my right ear (our ENT is working on that) and I go in and out of accusing someone of messing with the thermostat (how else could it feel like 110 degrees in our house??!!) Hey, I’m only in my mid-forties. What’s up with this??

Laughing about life, we considered all the efforts in society today to obtain the fountain of youth, to smooth away wrinkles, to lift the sag. She told me about a study she had seen regarding wrinkles and inner feelings. Experts can determine an aged person’s demeanor by the lines on their face. Prone to worry, to anger, to fear, to relax, to meet life positively? It all shows up later in life.

The way I greet the challenges of my kids today will be seen by all as the years roll in.

So, forget the Botox… Go for a good attitude and sink into those happy lines. They will be a great testimony to your life. The more I let the kids handle their things, quit doing it for them, do what I should be (encouraging, directing, teaching) instead of negatively taking all their pressure on myself … the less stress I will have. Not only is it medically proven (the rewards of a positive attitude), but think of all the money you will save. I see a great trip to the beach in our futures.

On a housekeeping note … I have to admit, the standard has slipped on our break. Beds have not been made, clothes have been on the floor, dinner … well, dinner duties will resume Monday. We’ll get there.

Kathleen Fischer will be our guest blogger next week. Her topic? “Getting Clutched About Our Accelerators.” If you haven’t heard Kathleen speak or read her stuff, you’re in for a treat.

Press forward with a smile on your face … and remember, it will all work out in the end. Thanks for walking the road with me.

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