“And here’s what reform will mean for so many of the students who are here today: starting this year, if you don’t have insurance, all new plans will allow you to stay on your parents’ insurance policy until you’re 26 years old.” Barak Obama, 3/19/10, George Mason Univeristy.


Not that I have any intention of pontificating on political affairs, but isn’t this exactly what seems to be fueling our problems? The entitlement card that postpones independence … catering to fears of failure, providing parachutes, avoiding reality.

Great message. Keep relying on your parents. That’s the answer. Avoid life for just a few more years.

Forget Washington. We have got to get rid of this message starting in our homes. The beds and bathrooms might seem trivial, but they’re not. Keep it up. Empower and equip these kids. They know how much better it feels to be productive over being catered to.

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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