End of the School-Year Survival Guide

survival-guide Some of us calendar-challenged types are sucking air right about now. We can see the finish line; we can taste the lazy-summer-afternoon-lemonade-stand drink, we can hear the “I’m bored”s … and we can’t wait. School is almost over. In what realm four different schools for our five children ever made sense, I will never know. And, though the end is near, it has not quite arrived. So here are a 15 tips from my End of the School Year Survival Guide with a few applications from last week. If your school is already out, maybe some of the tips might help in other stick-a-fork-in-me-I’m-SO-done situations. 1. Keep essential tools close at hand, especially needle & thread or duck tape. Because you never know when a kid might come downstairs minutes before we have to be out the door and in the car missing

Table Talk: Top 10 List for Graduates & Their Parents, by Lisa Clark

top ten Today’s Table Talk is by our friend Lisa Clark (SkyMoms). Since graduation is hitting several of you directly and the rest of us indirectly, some perspective and advice might help navigate the road. No need to point out – lots of the tips apply to the rest of the house … including me :) Thanks for sharing, Lisa … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Several years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of seniors and their parents upon their impending graduation from high school.  I was given 10 minutes to share my thoughts.  At that time,  my daughters had already graduated from high school, so I knew what the parents were needing to hear, and naturally I knew exactly what the students needed to hear! So, God laid on my heart some “high points” and I developed the top 10 list.  A little background

Outing OCD – Obsessive Comparison Disorder

BK Pants I saw them this morning. Even though they’ve been hiding, I know they’re there. I really like them. And I miss them. That’s why I keep moving them. MY BK pants … you know, Before Kids. Since having kids, we’ve moved five times. All within a half of a mile radius. Jon and I aren’t picky, and our moves have almost always been based on space issues, as in several wonderful additions to our family. Basically, we grew out of our homes as my body grew and shrank and grew and shrank through multiple pregnancies. As the number of kids increased, my age increased, and the shrinking didn’t come as swiftly as it did on the first few kids. Still, with every move, I’ve boxed up and carted those pants. I can’t wear them, but I keep them just in case. I don’t know why I do it. I’m fairly confident, not in some defeating way, that

… and a side of authenticity, please

Honesty This is our pantry. I know that doesn’t look like much. The truth is, we’ve never really had a pantry. We’ve been creative over the years with limited space offered in older homes. We love the quaint, but closets weren’t big in the 1940′s. And neither were pantries – especially ones to support a family of 7. That said, we have more than enough room in our little space. And the lack of closets (along with multiple moves) keeps us lean. Even with the space we have, we could live on a 1/10th of what we own. I’m sure of it. But this is not a post about excess or waste, it’s a post about authenticity, truth and integrity. Despite its size and limited offerings, our pantry has a thief. Someone who sneaks food out of the smallish space. We bought all the food in our pantry for one purpose – to
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