Heart-Shaped Intentions

heart tree Still bumbling along my new road of follow-through rather good-intentions. It hasn’t been pretty, but I have taken steps. Teeny-tiny, sometimes microscopic, baby steps. But steps, nonetheless. This morning, getting past the many months of good intentions to go the dentist for a cleaning, I made an appointment … and went. Is it necessary to admit that Petra, our dentist’s office manager, might have heard that we were next door at the neighboring orthodontist and that she actually got up, left her desk, came to the other office, and took me by the hand (literally) to make my appointment? Nahhh… at least I went. And, in the process, I decided to knock off my list another one of my ever-present, or should I say “slowly disappearing,” good intentions. I have the best intentions to exercise every

The Road Paved with Good Intentions

5945012755_b387ccc79d_o I’ve been convicted of late. I feel stuck on a road paved with good intentions. Maybe its my procrastination tendencies … maybe its being a mother of five … maybe its motherhood induced ADD … I’m not sure. But at the end of the day, I find myself thinking about all the things I’ve been meaning to do, but rarely get around to doing. So, for the next thirty days, I’ve set up a chart for myself – a checklist of sorts. Something to help me exit my good-intention paved road and put me on the living-life highway. Because the good-intention road, though often admirable in aspiration, is full of stress and loose laces that never seem to get tied. Some of the things on my list are oldies but goodies that fell off the radar at some point. Like our morning readings that I’ve done with the kids for

“Bad Parenting”

mean mom “She said she hated me and I was the worst mother in the world,” my friend told me after recounting her daughter’s response to a “so not fair” grounding that resulted from some seriously bad choices. It’s funny, because I had just left another mom experiencing the same push back and harsh word choices. “You’re not the worst mother,” I told her. “You’re a good mother – who loves her kid enough to set boundaries. … And you know, she doesn’t mean it. She loves you. And, her words, though seemingly aimed at you, might not be about you at all.” We both thought about that for a second – and I wondered if what I was saying was true. I had lived through a similar barrage days earlier. In the moment of my child’s huffing, I stuffed a strange

Mom Resolutions

less-is-more1 What a treat for us today. My sweet friend Susan Ligon posted a question on her Facebook page. It got me and many others thinking; so I asked if she would share her thoughts with us here. I hope we can all take a minute to stop long enough to consider what in our lives less would equal more. What do you think? Thanks for sharing, Susan! … and thanks for walking the road with me. -Kay Well, it’s the new year again. Time for fresh starts and renewed focus on fruits and veggies. I found myself contemplating what recalibrations I’d like to make, and realized that while I’d been lamenting how time with my boys at home was waning, I’d become even less purposeful as a mom. I wanted some things to look differently around our home, and I knew that it had to begin with me. Thus began my list of Mom Resolutions.  I’m still adding to these –
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