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“Ok, so our disposal backed up into the dishwasher, after the dishwasher had run it’s cycle. The gross dirty water sat in the bottom of the dishwasher all night and most of today before we discovered the problem. My normally germaphobic girls, thought the dishes would be just fine to eat off of. Their momma had a different idea. So not only are they washing and drying everything that was in the overloaded dishwasher, they are also doing all the dishes from breakfast lunch and dinner tonight. Btw, they are begging me to go get paper plates!!! I have to admit, their attitudes have been good, they know better than to roll their eyes at their mean momma!!
Now it’s time to get a big bowl of ice cream and settle in to a good movie!!”
- peggy from Dallas


sisters origami

Young Dallas Sister Use Origami to Help Fund Water Wells(Dallas Morning News, 3/24/12, by Elaine Kollaja)

or whatever might get us all looking at mountains as opportunities rather than obstacles.

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