The Road Paved with Good Intentions

5945012755_b387ccc79d_o I’ve been convicted of late. I feel stuck on a road paved with good intentions. Maybe its my procrastination tendencies … maybe its being a mother of five … maybe its motherhood induced ADD … I’m not sure. But at the end of the day, I find myself thinking about all the things I’ve been meaning to do, but rarely get around to doing. So, for the next thirty days, I’ve set up a chart for myself – a checklist of sorts. Something to help me exit my good-intention paved road and put me on the living-life highway. Because the good-intention road, though often admirable in aspiration, is full of stress and loose laces that never seem to get tied. Some of the things on my list are oldies but goodies that fell off the radar at some point. Like our morning readings that I’ve done with the kids for

Embracing Rather Than Enduring

clouds-1 Last week, I flew home from Virginia and a little over 24-hour trip. If I can make a day-trip, I do it. But sometimes I have to spend the night somewhere. And what a beautiful spot to spend the night – Virginia Beach, Virginia. I called Jon from my hotel room that looked over a stunning garden and sea of towering trees adorned in the beauty of Autumn leaves. “We need to vacation here.” I told him, hopeful that we might actually take a vacation this summer. “It’s beautiful. I haven’t seen it, but there’s a beach. And so much to do. And Williamsburg is close. We could hit D.C. …” “I’ve never been there.” “Me neither. But we would love it. The kids would love it.” The kids. They’re the reason why I will do my best to day trip rather than overnight. Life goes so fast; I don’t want to miss a thing. Even the uncomfortable

Behind Refigerator Doors

frig door “I put some brownies in your refrigerator,” my very nice new friend kindly informed me. We were standing in my entry-way. “You did?” I smiled. “I can’t stay for lunch,” she continued, “but I wanted to bring something for dessert for those who can. Thanks so much for inviting us.” I was touched by her gesture. We have a group that meets at my house on Tuesdays for a Bible study. This particular day, I thought the lesson was a bit long, so I emailed everyone to stay for lunch if they wanted. A sandwich lunch. Nothing extravagant. But as she told me about her kind gesture, I couldn’t stop my mind from racing through our refrigerator shelves. “Oh my word,” I thought, still smiling as if I didn’t have a care in the world. Did she see the lettuce from last week –  still have wrapped in dish towels. I had put the extra  

Table Talk: Do You Know You’re Beautiful? by Erin Schreyer

beautiful Today’s Table talk is by our friend Erin Schreyer. When I saw the following FB post on Erin’s page, I hounded her to write a moatblog entry on the subject. “When we mothers focus our attention and resources on trying to look younger, skinnier or different, we tell our daughters that 1) God’s work was not good enough; and 2) our worth is determined by the way we look. NEITHER is true. We MUST talk about and model the difference between HEALTH and EGO. Our girls’ confidence, value and future decisions depend on it.” It’s a super important topic, especially when tween/teens hit the scene. So thanks for stepping up to the plate Erin, for letting me hound you and for sharing from the heart. We appreciate your food for thought and your encouraging words. Feel free to join in the conversation …
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