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Let’s face it. As parents of tweens/teens, we just don’t have time to make it to another meeting. If we aren’t in the car shuttling, we’re at home refereeing, “encouraging” homework, reconnecting, … recovering. I wish I had more time to read the great books, to attend parenting conferences and to … well, so much more.

Welcome to MySagePage. In short video vignettes you can grab the information you need on the go. Hover your arrow over the images below to see the title then click  and enjoy. Don’t miss “Just For Fun” book reviews and recipes at the bottom of the page.

(The Parenting Panel videos are from a MOAT sponsored Panel Discussion on parenting entitled “Who’s Asking Who.” The panel included Kyle & Lucina Thompson, Brett & Sheri Johnston and Herb & Lulie Thompson, all couples that purposefully parented, whose children are grown, and who are willing to authentically share what they learned along the way.)


Discipline – Specifically dealing with tween/teens

Jody Capehart on Teen Discipline
Suffering Consequences - Kathleen Fischer
Jody Capehart on Teen Discipline


Outward Appearances/Competitive Parenting

Competitive Parenting - Kathleen Fischer
More on Competitive Parenting, Kathleen Fischer
Outward Appearance – Wardrobe Issues for Girls



Parenting Panel - Part 1, Introductions
Parenting Panel - Part 2, Dating
Parenting Panel - More on Dating


Relating to Your Kids

Kids & Their Future – Kathleen Fischer
Celebrating Your Kids
The Bonus Years

Self Esteem - Kathleen Fischer
Peer Pressure





Book Nook – Great book recommendations from fellow MOATs

Great Books for Guys
Great Books with Jennifer
 Great Classical Literature Reads

Jane’s Cool Summer Treats
Jane’s Tiny Tarts

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