The Ironing Board

Welcome to the Moatblog’s advisory committee or, the “Ironing Board”.

Like a steaming hot iron, these mothers and grandmothers will help us smooth out the wrinkles. Not the facial ones caused by stress (although they might have tips on those, too), but the inevitable snafus that pop up with life’s challenges. Plus, they will be the iron upon which we can sharpen ourselves.

They all have different backgrounds and different experiences parenting, but share the common bond of survival and are willing to share with us tips and tactics to successfully navigate the road. If you have a topic of interest, something that you are dealing with and could use some wisdom (like allowance, sibling rivalry, emotional manipulation…), we can shoot it their way and maybe get some good ideas from shoes that have been worn in. (My “teen” shoes are giving me blisters, so I’m fairly certain any advice from this mouth is worth just about what you paying for … not much!) Just send an email via this form. It’s completely secure and I’ll forward it to our sweet mentors.

Thanks for walking the road with me!

Ann Bentley, mother of 4 boys ages 27-9, grandmother of 1, host-mother to a 16 year-old Vietnamese student.    Married 31 years to her college sweetheart.  A hopelessly addicted reader/learner/seeker of wisdom.

Jody Capehart is happily married to Paul Capehart who is in his 40th year of playing French horn in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. They have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Jody’s passion is for her family. They are members of Stonebriar Community Church. Her interests include reading, gardening, cooking, and swimming.

Sue Wills, mother of four (including me), grandmother of 15 (!), and hostess extraordinaire.  She has never met a stranger and is a constant target for wisdom seeking women.

Ruth Meek, mother of four, mentor to many, Ruth is a highly sought after speaker (and soon to author) on issues to do with simplifying Christmas, the benefits of silence and intimacy with husbands.

Julie Fairchild, mother to four mostly grown kiddos and a husband who’s a child at heart. In her spare time, she and a friend run Lovell-Fairchild Communications, a publicity and grassroots marketing agency that specializes in projects with organic faith.

Dottie Jones is first a wife, then a mother, and as time permits an author, speaker and Co-Founder of Life Ministries and Ministering to Moms. Dottie happily shares her wisdom and insight through various classes to mothers.

Sandra Prater, mother of three boys ages 25-21. One just got married in May. Its so fun to have a girl in the mix…worth the wait. My middle son plays foootball at Purdue so in the fall we travel to all the Big Ten destinations. He’s a senior so next year I will have to get a life. I am an Interior designer and have been blessed with great clients. I have been married 29 years. I recently have become a big fan of design Blogs

Lucina Thompson, friend, wife, mother of two, lover of God’s Word. Lucina lead teaches a women’s study at Watermark Community Church among other things. She is passionate about her kids and her extended community in poverty stricken Africa.

Kathleen Fischer, mother of three, is a registered nurse with a master’s degree who is passionate about teens. She speaks and writes on the challenging subject of successfully navigating parenting teen waters.

Sue Bohlin loves teaching women and laughing, and if those two can be combined, all the better. She is happily married to Dr. Ray Bohlin, president of Probe Ministries, and together, they have two grown sons.

Ironing Board

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and I will forward it to our ironing board.

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