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Here are a few things that I hope might offer you encouragement today.

For Moms – kids of all ages: The Daily Mom App will bless your day – and offer a little mind candy as you sit and wait and sit and watch and sit – especially in carpool lines! I met Kristen, a fellow mom of many, when Courtney DeFeo invited me to to speak in Orlando. And when Karen asked if themoatblog would like to be involved in a new resource for moms, I hopped at the chance. Don’t be fooled by us being included – it’s trendy and cool and very helpful. She includes a variety of resources at your fingertips – streamlining for all the busy moms out there. She covers everything from headlines to weather to blogs, all in one tidy little place. Check it out: The Daily Mom App. You can download it from the App Store via:

For parents of Teens: There is a new must read for us all on the topic of college. (Because, there IS a college for everyone… right?!) The thing I love most about this book is the way Alex focuses on preparing kids for more than college. I asked him to share a little about his project: 

Why would I write a book on preparing teens for college?  Because while the link between higher education and professional success has never been stronger, and college has never been more expensive, too many of our children are starting but never finishing.  About 45 percent of those who begin at a four-year college haven’t completed their degree in six years. And about 70 percent of those who start two-year degrees will not finish them within three years. Meanwhile, among those who do graduate, about 70 percent take out loans, with an average amount of about $30,000 per borrower. And then they enter a harsh job market, one in which 25-32 year olds are more likely to be unemployed and make less money than any previous generation going back 50 years.

We have little control over the global economy, but we have tremendous influence in the training of our children. We can help them prepare to make the most of their college years (whether that means a four-year, two-year, or trade school program). Academic and professional success flow from character and maturity. And character and maturity flow from a God-mastered life, from the heart of a person who has bowed their knee to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Preparing Your Teens for College is about getting teens ready to leave the home and enter the adult world with the faith, character and maturity to be successful. It’s about training them not just for college but for the totality of their lives. The book is broken up into six sections: Character, Faith, Relationships, Finances, Academics and the College Decision itself. I talk about training teens to take initiative, accept correction, delay gratification and be firm in their Christian convictions while gracious towards those with other beliefs. I write about the importance of discernment in their choice of friends and the necessity of establishing faith-sustaining relationships. There’s a chapter about purity and intentionality with the opposite sex. I discuss how to help teens manage their money so that they avoid consumer debt and minimize any student loan balance. There are several chapters on teaching teens to study unto the Lord and use their high school years to discover and nurture their academic talents and interests. This helps them make an informed decision on whether to pursue a four-year college, two-year school, or some other kind of post–secondary education.

I’ve known many parents who feel like their teens tune them out. But even though our teens don’t always seem to care, the truth is that adult involvement—from parents, teachers, and pastors—influences them in meaningful ways. You can make a difference, and in this book I’m giving you the tools to do just that. You’ll find everything you need to have crucial conversations with your teens about the college years and beyond. You’ll be able to point out the pitfalls and highlight the opportunities.

Preparing your teens for college begins with you. Start today.

Check it out. You’ll be glad. Alex Chediak (@chediak) is a professor of engineering and physics at California Baptist University and the author of Preparing Your Teens for College (Tyndale House Publishers, 2014) and Thriving at College (Tyndale House Publishers, 2011). Learn more about Alex’s work at his website.

For Lent: Sweet Debi Newman suddenly and unexpectantly lost her husband Brian a few years ago. She has been such an amazing testimony to the Lord’s sufficient provision. When I saw her share something she has put together – I decided to add a link (without asking – hope that’s okay, Debi :) for anyone who could use some encouragement over the next few weeks. Debi has written a beautiful set of devotions that have been made available through Park Cities Baptist Church. From Jeff Warren, pastor at PCBC,

Dr. Debi Newman serves as the Minister of Congregational Care. She is the author of over ten books and writes an inspiring and thought-provoking weekly devotional at Now she offers this beautiful guide that will lead us to walk initially to Easter and beyond. I love Debi’s heart for Jesus. She walks intimately with Him every day and I get to watch her guide others to do the same. I pray that you will diligently journey through this Easter season. Join us as we walk together with Jesus through His suffering, His sacrifice, and victorious resurrection – all for our good and to the praise of His glorious grace.

So, if you’re in the market for some Lenten ponderings, here’s a link to Debbie’s Walking with Jesus to Easter.

I hope these might bless you today. Please feel free to share a few of your favs! … And, as always, thanks for walking the road with me.


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