Here’s a little recipe to inspire the weak-kneed, like me, when I get tired of pushing the kids toward greatness … okay, so maybe laundry isn’t “greatness”, but it’s a step.

GG's Soufle

GG’s Entitlement-Bustin’ Souffle

  • Take one mild to chronically over-served child (willingness not required… often action precedes feeling.)
  • Stir in some meaningful work – Start small (making beds, clearing clutter) and gradually add more challenges and greater responsibility (washing dishes, doing laundry, caulking a bathtub, obtaining gainful employment, …) Rewards recommended.
  • Sprinkle mixture with large quantities of serving others, humility and hard- work (I mean really… how can folding and putting away your sister’s underwear be described any other way?!).
  • Add a dash of conviction and a load of perseverance.
  • Brace yourself. Frequent assaults of attitude and whining may occur while cooking. Keep like-minded friends close for frequent boosts of encouragement.
  • Cooking times and temperatures may vary, Watch for signs of confidence, independence and selflessness. Results guaranteed (though might appear smaller than actual size).

This is a “Kid Can-Do” recipe. Tune in tomorrow for another Kid Can-Do recipe… one you can actually eat.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


… and back by popular demand. Enable-EZ part 1. Part 2 & 3 coming soon to a blog near you.

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