As we enter, what I like to term, dark side of the moon days –  that period between Christmas and Spring Break (I mean seriously – it seems like an eternity before we hit a vacation!!), I’ve already caught myself reaching for great escapes.

For me, they come in the form of a good glass of ice tea…. Preferably a big old glass that will last the afternoon.  I don’t want some healthy green or chai tea. No give me a Texas size-glass of black tea, preferably in an environmentally-friendly Styrofoam (is that an oxymoron?) cup. If my tea happens to have the word “sweet” driving the train… even better.

I have a few favorite brewers… that just might happen to be located on my carpool route. I’m sure tea-lovers would agree, carpool is always better with a glass of ice tea at hand (even on one of the rare 20 degree days here in Big D).

Here are a few…

City Cafe To Go

First thing with this tea is finding a parking place…

not an easy feat at this popular spot.

“One tea to go, please.”

… and there it is.

Decaffeinated Boysenberry-Passion Fruit

phew…now that’s a mouthful

a yummy, afternoon-makin’ mouthful

accented with mint

…and a few lemons, of course.

It’s a bit pricey, though. And many a day, I could use a tea without the “de” in the caffeinated part. But, it’s such a pleasant escape, so worth the cash drainage. I’ve thought for years that the City Cafe folks lace their brew with some sort of addictive ingredient (maybe cocaine). One glass never seems to be enough.


Another incredibly delightful option,
Tin Star’s mango tea.
I often curl my nose at hokey flavored teas…
not this one!

Plus, I love the cup (keeps my liquid gold chillin’)

Tin Star hits a home run with my favorites…

sweet, and…


Everyone should offer limes.

Even better some orange slices.

(Those are few and far between)

Some might consider me a bit high-maintenance in my tea preference.

A little sweet, a lot unsweet, topped with lime, lemon.


Best Drive-Through tea?

Chick-fil-A …

home to so many good things.

But their tea is amazing,

a highly sought-after treat on a long road trip.

At the location in Dallas, proprietor Jeff White has added what we in the south call,

“Sonic Ice”

Now that’s a taste of heaven right there.

Sad to say I could go on about this simple “escape”, the ultimate carpool survival drink. There’s Cafe Express (has a super thirst busting Black Currant number plus limes, lemons & mint!), Eatzies (super huge cup, sonic ice, and all the fixin’s – including orange slices!!), Sonny Bryans ($1.99 gallon), Chipotle (consistent, sweet & unsweet), Sonic (always great on the ice, plus great side items), plus a few more, I’m embarrassed to admit. All the great options have left me a bit of a tea snob.
But… what can I say. It’s the little things in life. Sometimes the tiniest of pick-me-ups can add just what a carpool driving, home-work helping, dish-washing, dinner-cooking mom needs. Wait! Aren’t the kids supposed to be doing all those jobs?!! (well, except in our house, no driving yet… although – I’m counting the days on that one).  … Alright, so I just needed an excuse to get me a tea.Thanks for walking the road with me.

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