At the end of a wonderful Father’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to give out a shout out to the 6 special dads in my life.

First, to my own father, Slow Walker Senior.  He has acted as a rock for as long as I can remember.  A great provider, he gave me so much more than stuff.  He helped me believe in myself because of his unwavering belief in me.  He taught me how to give by exemplifying generosity.  He inspired excellence because he always expected our best.  He taught me how to love by showering it upon us (his kids) and by authentically moving beyond the emotion itself to embracing the action (and all it encompasses – patience, selflessness, never keeping track of wrongs, …)  in his marriage.  Thanks, Dad.

Next, to my father-in-law, Indiana Jones-Wyma (you should hear his stories from his days on the Amazon!)  An incredibly fun compadre who is up for anything, anytime.  Always available for a deep conversation, a good book, a spur-of-the-moment errand … my life is better because you’re in it.  You’ve taught me to embrace unexpected situations honestly, to rest in uncertainty, to learn of God’s provision no matter my age or education.  You are truly an inspiration.

I think he wears a hat so he can hold on to it as we full-throttle whisk him from place to place when he visits us.

Then, my brothers.  Forever Young and Know-It-All (because he does).  Between the two of them, I was beaten up, beat in sports, and, on the flip side, sweetly protected.  Strange, maybe … but isn’t that what brothers are for?!!  They have always watched out for me, even though they might have hidden it in occasional sarcasm and torment.  Today they are, not surprisingly, amazing dads.  Thanks for being terrific role models for my boys and caring for them as if they were your own.

Like any legitimate top-ten list, the best is saved for the end… my guy.  Our dad :)  Since there is no Husband’s Day, I hope Father’s Day suffices in communicating our love, devotion, appreciation, admiration, happiness, satisfaction, … the list goes on.  Thanks for providing for and protecting us.  You make us laugh, you come up with endless variations of fun games, you expect the most from us, YOU LOVE US!  In fact, you are the closest thing to unconditional love I’ve seen this side of heaven.  I hope you feel as loved as we (I) do.

Ahhh … in all my glory.  Thanks for sticking with me Honey :)
Coming in at #1, my heavenly Father… as if a list could contain him.  My Rock, my Refuge, my Sanctuary, my Guide, my Creator, my Salvation.  Thank you for life, in every essence of the word.

So here’s a shout out to all our Fathers.  Even if we aren’t saying it every day, we’re thinking it – You guys Rock!

Thanks for walking the road with me.

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