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A little about Me…

Hi :) I’m Kay, a mother of five beautiful and overall agreeable children and wife to one terrific, sometimes overly safety-conscious,  guy. I’m a recovering enabler/procrastinator/grammar-hacker/controller, am calendar challenged and am a founding member of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Organizationally Impaired. My resume includes great places to work including The White House, The Staubach Company, & Bank of America – but, though it involves weathering many an eyeroll, I love most my job as mom. The excessive driving gets old, but the best thing about those miles is the crew that travels them with me.

And it’s due to that crew that I became acutely aware of my concern with humans thriving, Which led to this blog. I really don’t like societal trends that tear people down, breed entitlement, ignite insecurity, fertilize narcissism, performance, facade-bulding, and such … especially when such trends mess with my kids. Oh, did I mention I’m a Texan? Around these parts there’s a saying, “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Let’s just say, ditto and then some when my family and people for whom I care are affected. Careful, I might write a book and talk to folks about it.

So – the moatblog (as in Mothers of Adolescents & Teens putting a moat around our homes, together) is a Come-As-You-Are sort of spot where regular rules. Because around these parts, we really like each other and our friends just the way they are – each in their own you-nique – endowed by the Lord – beautiful gifting.

Thanks for walking the road with me – no road should ever be walked (or driven) alone :)

Questions, Comments & Suggestions are always welcome! I can never claim to have the corner on anything. Feel free to email comments using the secure form below, or you can always email me at: jkwyma@gmail.com


Thanks for walking the road with me.