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Basic Stuff…

First and foremost … thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Feel free to look around. If this is your first time to enter the MOATblog, here are a couple of posts that might give a good idea of why it’s here and what we’re up to:

Ready, Set, Go

Operation Clutter Control

Basically, I realized our homes have become epicenters of entitlement, mine being one of the worst! We are raising, and have raised, generations who believe the world is here to serve them. With the greatest of intentions and in the name of “love”, we moms hover, race in to save, protect from failure, set up success, manipulate, over-protect and enable our kids.

Why “The Moat” blog?

Besides being Mother of Adolescents and Teens, we are the barrier between the world and the castle, our homes.  For too long my kids have been controlling the drawbridge, deciding when and how they will do things.

Special Features

Each week, we are blessed to have guest bloggers (Table Talk) post on tween/teen related issues. We’ve had best-selling authors, educators, life coaches… you name it. In fact, if you have an idea (topic/potential guest), send it to me.

Also, our resident Foodie, Jane Jarrell (formerly with Southern Living and food stylist for the Dallas Morning News) shares recipes on many a Tuesday.


I try to MOATblog at least 3 days a week… so if you’re interested, but can’t remember to check in, you can sign up to subscribe via email or through RSS feed on the the blog.

About Me…

My name is Kay Wyma … I’m a mother of five beautiful and overall agreeable kids, wife of one terrific (often opinionated) husband, and I’m recovering enabler (and procrastinator, grammar hacker, controller, am calendar challenged and … well the list goes on).

Before starting my career in home management, I dabbled in commercial real estate working for the great Roger Staubach. Then, needing some adventure, I traveled the world working for Dan & Marilyn Quayle in the Bush 41 White House. I have actually been to every state except Alaska. Then I landed at NationsBank working in international structured trade (I’m thinking I had a brain then… although my colleagues might say otherwise) after an MBA at Thunderbird.

I’ve always got a hair-brained idea cooking… so be warned, and watch out. Poor Jon has suffered through several embarrassing moments, countless hours of weirdness and forgetfulness … and many, many well-intention paved roads.

Questions, Comments & Suggestions are always welcome! I can never claim to have the corner on anything in the parenting tweens and teens arena except for a big piece of humble pie. Because with teens around, a parent can’t help but realize they need help.

Feel free to email comments using the secure form below, or you can always email me at:


Thanks for walking the road with me.